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How can you lose weight easily? Doing these 6 things is very effective

  Losing weight is easier said than done. It is not just a matter of words. It is necessary to have super-strong self-control and willpower, and at the same time master the correct way to lose weight to achieve a multiplier effect, allowing people to lose weight easily. Which ones should keep in mind for weight-loss people? 1. Don't eat supper and snacks:  Most people who are obese like to eat snacks such as biscuits, chocolate or potato chips, and even eat supper in the middle of the night. This will consume excess calories, and the calories that are not consumed will be converted into The accumulation of fat causes obesity. 2. Don't let the diet be too monotonous:  you must control your daily calorie intake during weight loss. You can adopt the principle of small meals and eat more than seven times each meal, so as not to increase the burden on the gastrointestinal tract.  If every meal is too full, it will support the stomach.  Intake nutrients for the body in a balanced man

In autumn, make this soup for your family more. It is nourishing and moisturizing, and it is very delicious. The method is super simple

  In the autumn, make this soup for your family more, it is nourishing and moisturizing, it is very delicious, and the method is super simple! The autumn is strong and the golden osmanthus fragrant. With the advent of autumn and winter, it is not only a good time for autumn harvest, but also a time for chestnut harvest. As long as you pass the food street, the streets and alleys are filled with the aroma of sugar-fried chestnut. It is full and delicious. Whether it is stir-fried or boiled in soup, it has a unique flavor. In this season, I like to use it to make soup with meat ingredients, which can give the body better tonic, and I recommend it to everyone This chestnut and abalone chicken soup is not only fresh and sweet, but also nourishing and moisturizing, nourishing the skin and invigorating the spleen. The most nourishing stew in autumn and winter is really it. Different from ordinary chicken soup, this time chestnut and abalone are added to the chicken soup. Not only does the so

How to replenish qi and blood deficiency Chinese medicine teaches you 4 good ways to replenish qi and blood

  From the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, qi and blood are the foundation of a person's life activities. If qi and blood cease to function, not only will it affect the body's function, but it will also cause a person to lose the essence and energy.  In clinical practice, there are often cases of deficiency of both qi and blood. The most obvious is blood deficiency. Only by replenishing qi and blood in time can normal body functions be maintained. What are the ways to replenish blood? 1. Moxibustion treatment Moxibustion is one of the common warming and tonic treatment methods, and it can also be very helpful for blood enrichment, because moxibustion can stimulate acupuncture points with a mixed method, and some acupuncture points can promote the body, carry out self-recovery, and also Can make up blood.  Common is to stimulate the blood sea and Sanyinjiao acupoints.  Xuehai acupoint can help the body nourish blood, while Sanyinjiao can promote qi and blood circula

Are you prone to catch a cold when you go out to play and the weather changes? Stick to these three natural remedies daily

  Some friends around us tend to catch colds when the weather changes or when they go out to play.  According to Kuang Xiuying, deputy director of the Department of Treatment of Diseases at the First Affiliated Hospital of Guangzhou University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, this situation is the lack of righteousness in Chinese medicine, and the lack of autoimmunity in Western medicine.  She recommends daily nasal orifice opening, awakening of the ears, and aroma therapy to improve one's own righteousness. Open the nose Use the thumb and index finger of your right hand to pinch the bridge of the nose and gently massage up and down 50 to 60 times to reach the Yingxiang acupoints on both sides of the root of the nose.  Use moderately and slowly, not too heavy or too hastily, once in the morning and evening.  The nose is the lung orifice, the gateway to the respiratory system, and the main pathway for evil qi to invade the lungs. The nasal orifice can be used to enhance lung qi. Wak

Feel dizzy or sleep well? Say goodbye to the small deficiency of spleen and kidney, 2 methods to learn

  I believe many young people have this experience, yawning from morning to night; crying for cold from winter to spring; forgetfulness, wherever things are thrown; ulcers, getting angry, backache, hair loss, etc. Dizziness, poor sleep, these small problems have become commonplace, especially for today's young people, the most likely symptom is fatigue. What is fatigue? Many people often feel mental fatigue. Some of them are caused by overwork, which can be relieved after rest. However, some people, especially the elderly, will feel mental fatigue even if they do not have too much activity. Still can not be relieved, which requires active measures for treatment. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that fatigue and fatigue are more common in deficiency syndromes, which are related to the loss of spleen and kidney and other organs. Kidney is the congenital foundation, spleen is the acquired foundation, the kidney stores the essence, the spleen transports and transforms the essence

Eating while hot is good for your health? 4 big rumors about health preservation, don’t mislead others anymore

  Although many people have realized the importance of health preservation, they have also used many methods of health preservation.  Now we are in an era of highly explosive information, and various health information is emerging one after another. If we lack basic distinguishing ability, it is easy to enter some misunderstandings about health preservation.  Next, let us take a look at the common misunderstandings of health preservation. What are the common health misunderstandings in life? 1. Drinking some alcohol every day is good for your health Many people believe that drinking a little alcohol every day can prevent cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, which is good for human health. The elderly should drink some alcohol every day to achieve the goal of longevity.  This is a misunderstanding, no matter when alcohol is harmful to health.  If you want to truly achieve the goal of health preservation, you have to drink no alcohol.  In addition to saying that health preservati

Can you lose weight by just doing yoga? Mastered 3 methods, and gradually lose weight

  Many obese female friends find that their body is still not perfect after their weight base has been reduced. The areas where they want to lose weight are not thin, but the areas where they don't want to lose weight have shrunk significantly.  This is because exercise weight loss requires a high level of muscle. It is difficult for ordinary people to formulate scientific and rigorous exercise plans according to their own ideas, and they cannot exercise where they want to exercise, so they cannot achieve perfect body shaping effects. As a new way of losing weight, yoga has a very obvious effect on women's shaping and stretching.  The exercise method is simple and profound. Under the guidance of professional teachers, even people without exercise foundation can achieve the ideal body shaping effect. What should I pay attention to in yoga to lose weight?  These 3 tips should be mastered! 1. From easy to difficult Yoga includes many types, from basic stretching yoga to more diffi

Can yoga actually lose weight?

  To  say that yoga is one of the most popular exercise in recent years, I believe no one will oppose it.  Seeing various yoga photos in the Internet celebrity circle, the circle of talents, and the circle of friends, as well as the perfect body of the yoga ladies, always make people feel lemon.  #cream of the crop# In order to lose weight, build a figure curve, make yourself confident and look good.  More and more people started to join the ranks of yoga and started practicing yoga. But what is strange is that after practicing yoga, some fairies found that they did not lose weight, and some even gained weight and became “fat”.  As a result, many people began to deeply doubt whether  yoga can lose weight? Senior yoga veteran tells you that the answer is yes.  Look at those yoga people who insist on practicing yoga and are super self-disciplined. How many figures are bad? If you gain weight after practicing yoga or have no effect, then check whether you also have these bad yoga habits.

Looking at the delicious food, I can’t help but teach you 6 tips

  People take food as their heaven, and people cannot avoid eating while they are alive. However, many people eat too much fat in their bodies, which makes their bodies bloated and affects their appearance.  Everyone can't resist the temptation of food, but by mastering the correct eating skills, you can control your weight while eating food. So what are the diet tips to help the human body eat madly without getting fat? 1. Eat fruit before meals If you can’t resist the temptation of food, you can eat some fruit as a base before meals, which can increase the feeling of fullness and avoid eating more meat and fat during the meal.  The absorption of nutrients in fruits before meals is much higher than that after meals. It can also shorten the residence time of fruits in the stomach, reduce the process of oxidative corruption, and reduce the adverse effects on the body. 2. Eat more shabu-shabu If you want to reduce the intake of fat, you should eat less fried dishes, and choose to eat

The most popular weight loss exercise, practice once a day, lose 2 catties a week, and stick to it for a month!

  We all know that if you want to lose body fat, you must do aerobic exercise.  In addition to running, cycling, and swimming, aerobic exercise is also a very popular aerobic exercise.  The advantage of weight loss exercises is that it uses the muscles of the whole body to participate in exercise, which not only increases the coordination between various parts of the body, but also increases the sensitivity and adaptability of the body.  The exercise process will not appear boring. There are 7 movements in a set, and each practice loops 3-4 times.  Stick to each movement for 30 seconds, and rest for 30 seconds between each movement.  Let's take a look~ Action one, Note: Keep your body stable and move smoothly and slowly.  Slowly open up the body's mobility and enter the state of exercise.  Note that the torso is always facing forward and looking forward. Action two, Note: When you inhale, your body opens, and your body contracts when you exhale.  Keep your abdomen tight and you