Can yoga actually lose weight?

 To say that yoga is one of the most popular exercise in recent years, I believe no one will oppose it. Seeing various yoga photos in the Internet celebrity circle, the circle of talents, and the circle of friends, as well as the perfect body of the yoga ladies, always make people feel lemon. #cream of the crop#

In order to lose weight, build a figure curve, make yourself confident and look good. More and more people started to join the ranks of yoga and started practicing yoga.

But what is strange is that after practicing yoga, some fairies found that they did not lose weight, and some even gained weight and became “fat”. As a result, many people began to deeply doubt whether yoga can lose weight?

Senior yoga veteran tells you that the answer is yes. Look at those yoga people who insist on practicing yoga and are super self-disciplined. How many figures are bad?

If you gain weight after practicing yoga or have no effect, then check whether you also have these bad yoga habits.

01 Did not practice regularly

Yoga practice is the most taboo for three days, fishing and two days of drying the net. Only regular practice can make our body adapt to the rhythm of the exercise and generate muscle memory. Otherwise, it is possible that if you do not practice for a few days, you will be stiff to self-doubt.

Once you start practicing yoga, it is best to practice more than 3-5 times a week, each time for more than 40-60 minutes, step by step, and persist in practicing to see the dawn of victory.

02 No comprehensive yoga practice

Yoga is a comprehensive fitness exercise integrating flexibility, strength and balance. But in actual practice, we often only choose the courses we like to learn, so that our body functions cannot be used well.

Yoga veterans know that by activating strength to achieve the effect of burning fat, coupled with the stretching of various parts of the body, can we make our lines look more beautiful.

Blindly practicing strength and forgetting to stretch may make the training part stronger and stronger, while blindly stretching and ignoring the others will make our muscle elasticity worse, and it will not help us shape our body in the long run.

If you want to lose weight and shape your body, don't patronize Relax, just practice what you like. Challenge more, and you will always get what you want.

03 Don't pay attention to diet and work schedule

Yoga is not just some asanas in the course, but a healthy lifestyle, which includes our healthy diet and regular work and rest.

If you often eat and drink, heavy oil, salt and sugar, stay up late to watch dramas, and turn upside down day and night, you ca n’t maintain a good figure just by practicing yoga.

In addition, after practicing yoga, you cannot eat too much immediately. When our body exercises, our body's metabolism will speed up, and eating feasts will be better absorbed, which will "become a month and a half."

In the process of practicing yoga, don't start to reward yourself just because you have worked hard for a while. Generally, after doing yoga (especially after practicing yoga at night), you only need to eat a small amount or postpone eating.

04 I am thin

Finally, if you are thin, you will find that your weight has increased after a period of practice, which is a good sign.

Yoga itself has a regulating effect on the body. Through continuous practice, it will keep your body in the closest healthy state. Fat people will get thinner, and too thin people will get fatter.

In addition, long-term practice of yoga will increase the body's muscle content, resulting in weight gain. This does not mean that you have gained weight. You can ask others, if you lose weight visually, don't worry about the numbers on the scale.

So, it’s not that yoga can’t lose weight, but whether you stick to good habits and have the right mentality!


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