4 high-efficiency fat-burning actions, allowing you to burn fat all the time, making weight loss faster and better

 Core Tip: We always have too many expectations for weight loss, but many people do not achieve ideal weight loss. Sometimes it takes a long time to achieve the results they want.

In general, weight loss is to control your diet, choose the right exercise method, and then stick to it, so that you can lose weight successfully.

Losing weight is inseparable from eating and moving! Today, Xiao Jiu will mainly talk about how to move!

Weight loss is inseparable from high-efficiency fat-burning exercises. 15-25 minutes of high-intensity interval training is equivalent to the effect of running for 1 hour, which is good news for people who lose weight.

Which high-intensity intermittent fat burning exercises are best for weight loss

The first type: up and down jump

Stand up straight with your legs shoulder-width apart, open your arms naturally, and do an upward jump. When you jump, use your palms to high-five on top of your head. When you jump back, cross your fingers and do a squat. This movement seems simple, doing five sets a day, each set of 30, in fact, the body is a bit tired.

The second type: lying on your back and raising your legs

Lie on your back with your upper body close to the ground. Use the strength of your waist to get your legs up to 90 degrees with the ground. When doing this, move slowly and keep breathing evenly. Do five sets a day, two sets each. Ten, depending on your actual situation, if you think you can do more, you can continue to do it.

The third type: mountain climbing for 30 seconds

Lean over, open your feet naturally, support your body with your two arms, and then alternate your legs forward quickly. When doing this, try to keep your body balanced and your upper body still. Try to stick to this movement for 30 seconds each time you practice. If you feel tired at first, you can keep it for as long as you can.

The fourth type: lying flat on both ends

Feel the force of the abdomen when you lie on your stomach, raise your arms and feet at the same time, and slowly return to the original state after being lifted up. This movement seems simple, and it will be very tired during exercise, but the fat burning effect is very good. Practice five groups every day, ten to twenty times in each group.

Many fat burning actions are actually very simple and do not take up any space. You can practice them at home. If you want to lose weight, then these highly effective fat burning actions must not be missed.

But novices also need to pay attention to some details when practicing high-efficiency fat burning projects.

Note 1: Don’t be too demanding of yourself. You will be very tiring to practice fat burning at the beginning. If you can’t achieve the target number, then it depends on your personal situation. You can do as much as you can. Don’t be frustrated in the process of losing weight. Sense, otherwise you will not stick to it.

Note 2: You should warm up for any fat burning project. Generally speaking, five to ten minutes is more appropriate. If you don’t warm up, your muscles will be very sore after the fat burning project. Sometimes you don’t have the mood to continue the next day. Done.

Note 3: Do not drink water or eat anything immediately after finishing the fat burning exercise. Let yourself rest for 20 minutes and then boil warm water. After half an hour, choose low-calorie foods, such as apples, cucumbers, and low-calorie vegetable juices. Wait. Because these fat burning items will continue to burn fat within one to two hours, if you eat high-calorie foods at this time, your body will absorb calories more efficiently. This loses the meaning of burning fat.

Weight loss is inseparable from exercise and dietary improvement. Only by choosing the right and efficient fat-burning items and paying attention to the details can you lose weight successfully.


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