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Ten simple ways to keep in good health, let you practice from head to toe

  If you want a healthy body condition, you must pay attention to the methods of health care, and do your best to maintain the body, so that you can achieve the effect of prolonging life, delay the aging of the body, and benefit the health of the body. You should always massage regularly The body can play the role of dredging qi and blood, and has the effect of dredging the meridians. Ten simple health-preserving methods will allow you to practice from head to toe. According to the meridian theory of traditional Chinese medicine, according to the efficacy of traditional Chinese medicine meridians and acupoints, acupuncture, moxibustion, massage, massage, exercise and other methods are adopted to achieve the purpose of dredging the meridians and reconciling yin and yang. Ten simple health methods are commonly used and easy-to-operate health methods recommended by "Health Literacy". The specific contents are as follows- ●Tooth tapping method When you wake up in the morning, tap

Learn to breathe-a healthier life,Oriental Health,meditation,yoga

    Many people know that people living in high-altitude areas live longer. Although the exact reason behind this phenomenon is not known, I think it should be caused by a combination of many reasons. One obvious reason is the thin oxygen in high-altitude areas. .  Current research has proven that restricting calorie intake can extend life.  In fact, oxygen is also a nutrient element, but it is often ignored by people.  Just as intake of too many calories will harm the body's metabolism, too much intake of oxygen will also have an adverse effect on body tissues.  When oxygen is decomposed in the body, free radicals are produced. Too many free radicals can damage the fat of cell membranes and damage protein and DNA. That is to say, as long as you breathe, the body will produce free radicals to varying degrees.  Through breathing training, ensuring that the body takes in an appropriate level of oxygen can inhibit the mass production of free radicals and minimize the damage to the bod