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  Many people know that people living in high-altitude areas live longer. Although the exact reason behind this phenomenon is not known, I think it should be caused by a combination of many reasons. One obvious reason is the thin oxygen in high-altitude areas. . Current research has proven that restricting calorie intake can extend life. In fact, oxygen is also a nutrient element, but it is often ignored by people. Just as intake of too many calories will harm the body's metabolism, too much intake of oxygen will also have an adverse effect on body tissues. When oxygen is decomposed in the body, free radicals are produced. Too many free radicals can damage the fat of cell membranes and damage protein and DNA. That is to say, as long as you breathe, the body will produce free radicals to varying degrees. Through breathing training, ensuring that the body takes in an appropriate level of oxygen can inhibit the mass production of free radicals and minimize the damage to the body. In order to gain a competitive advantage, super athletes will use high-altitude physical training, that is, in a short period of time, they will deliberately choose to live and exercise in a place with scarce oxygen, and use the body's natural regulation function to improve the blood's ability to carry oxygen in the body and enhance the body Carrying oxygen capacity (VO2max). Of course, since most people live in low-altitude areas, it is difficult to experience the benefits of thin oxygen in high-altitude areas, but the good news is that now a simple method can also be used to obtain the same effect as high-altitude training. When living or training in accordance with the method in this book, close your mouth and breathe through your nose to reproduce the state of thin oxygen in high altitude areas. When doing strenuous exercise, due to extreme hypoxia, breathing through the nose is really uncomfortable, but the good medicine is bitter and the benefit is here.

A person can live for several weeks without food, and a few days without drinking water, but will die if he does not breathe within a few minutes. However, people pay so much attention to eating and drinking, but not to breathing. Most people may be aware of how much they should eat or drink for health. Too much or too little can cause health problems. Similarly, everyone knows that in order to be healthy, we must breathe fresh and clean air. However, few people pay attention to the amount of air inhaled. In fact, in terms of basic needs, air is more important than food and water. So, how much air is the most ideal for health? Since there is an appropriate amount for eating and drinking, the air inhaled in the body should also have an appropriate amount. The air is not like drinking. You can't have a booze in the kitchen in the middle of the night, and you can't indulge yourself on weekends, that is, you can't "overeating". So, how should the air be sucked? Perhaps, like food and water, there is a healthy and moderate amount? Even air intake is probably more important than food and water intake? To improve health, it is necessary to increase the oxygen transported to muscles, organs and tissues; effective use of oxygen will not only become healthy, but more importantly, even if the exercise intensity is increased, there will be no asthma. To put it simply, it means to become healthier, stronger, and in better shape. For those who participate in competitive sports, training and competition will become easier than ever. Because through breathing training, you can achieve higher goals without increasing the amount of training. Generally speaking, physical fitness and exercise status are much more affected by lung function than limb muscle strength or mental status. People who exercise regularly can know that the factor that determines the limit of exercise is not the degree of muscle fatigue, but the degree of breathing difficulty. Therefore, if you want to enjoy sports and improve your competitive state, the most important thing is to breathe effectively.

It is very important to master the correct breathing method. Many scientific studies have proved this. Many people believe that the body should know the correct breathing method. Unfortunately, this is not the case. From ancient times to modern times, the way of life has undergone earth-shaking changes. As a result, most people forget the natural correct breathing method. Modern people are facing various pressures for a long time, plus sedentary sitting, unhealthy diet, lack of exercise, high indoor temperature, etc., which have become unfavorable conditions that affect correct breathing, and also become lethargy, obesity, sleep disorders, respiratory diseases and The root cause of heart disease. The ancient people naturally mastered the correct breathing method due to a natural diet, a sufficient amount of work, and a living environment without competitive pressure. Modern people sit in a chair facing the computer all day long, make endless cell phone calls, and eat simple convenient food for lunch. The bottomless life pressure makes our breathing volume gradually increase. Some people may think that the more oxygen in the body, the better, but the conclusion is the opposite: in order to be healthy, you must reduce your breathing. Let us imagine a comparison between a fat man and a professional athlete carrying heavy suitcases in order to rush to the Summer Olympics. Who is the person who is panting and breathing heavily?

After the altitude increases, the atmospheric pressure drops and the oxygen content in the body decreases. At this time, the human body will increase red blood cells to cope with the environment of thin oxygen. Red blood cells are equivalent to "Popeye's spinach", but it does not come from aluminum cans, but from our bodies. The increase in the number of red blood cells will increase the blood's ability to transport oxygen to the muscles and reduce the secretion of lactic acid, thereby improving motor skills, enhancing endurance, and reducing the risk of inflammation and injury. But not everyone can do training in high altitude areas, so the breathing optimization training advocated in this book was born. Simply put, it is not necessary to go to high altitude areas for training, and create high altitude training conditions in low altitude areas instead. Through correct breathing to ensure the proper amount of oxygen in the body, the body can naturally breathe effectively. Whether it is a professional athlete or an ordinary person who does not exercise very much, as long as the breathing is improved, the body will be renewed, health, endurance, and exercise status will be significantly improved.

To change breathing, defeat obesity without rebounding, Donna tried almost all weight loss methods: low-carbon water, "South Beach Diet", "Regional Diet", "Sports Observer", Jenny Craig, "Mediterranean Diet", "Ah Turkins prescribes a diet "fast thin" and so on. There are many weight loss products such as fat burning capsules, carbohydrate blockers and appetite suppressants in her kitchen cabinet. For 25 years, as long as there are new ways to lose weight, Donna believes that she can lose weight successfully this time and actively try it. If it works, it should be able to achieve the long-cherished wish of losing 20 kilograms, throw away the "skinny" black clothes, wear the colorful and beautiful clothes that you like, and return to the healthy state of your youth. However, as the enthusiasm for the new weight loss method faded and the weight returned to its original shape, Donna fell into a deep sense of failure. Not only was she on a diet, she also tried a lot of exercise training, but because she was out of breath when she moved a little, she quickly gave up. Donna, like many people, is not because she can't bear muscle fatigue, but because she is out of breath, so she can't keep exercising. Donna always says: "I am too heavy to exercise." "I can't lose weight because I can't exercise." She has also been to the gym, but she can't stand the surrounding environment or excessive self-concern—— She was panting and running on the treadmill, and the slender, muscular person beside her ran easily, which made her very frustrated. Donna's body cannot metabolize oxygen normally. What she needs is a fast and effective weight loss method that does not cause excessive load on the body and breathing, so that she can regain her confidence. -Breathing through your nose while watching TV or in class. As a result, she lost 2.5 kilograms in weight in two weeks. Without any changes in her diet, breathing through her nose increased the efficiency of oxygen use, food was effectively absorbed, and her appetite became normal. It can be seen from the successful example of Donna that the effectiveness of breathing optimization training lies in the effectiveness even when sitting still.

In addition, once people know the charm of this method, they don’t want to continue to sit passively and start to move. Simply put, weight loss means that the body burns more calories than intake, and breathing can directly affect this process. The main problem is that it is not how much you eat, but how much breathing can restore the metabolic rate to normal. Breathing to deliver the right amount of oxygen to the cells, the body will effectively perform the functions of various parts, especially in some passive activities, such as sitting still. After the metabolism is normal, naturally drink more water, eat less, eat when you are hungry, and stop when you are full. That is to let the body decide on its own. Therefore, by practicing the improvement plan centered on breathing method, the body will become healthier, and the image and feeling will become better.


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