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Can you lose weight by just doing yoga? Mastered 3 methods, and gradually lose weight

  Many obese female friends find that their body is still not perfect after their weight base has been reduced. The areas where they want to lose weight are not thin, but the areas where they don't want to lose weight have shrunk significantly.  This is because exercise weight loss requires a high level of muscle. It is difficult for ordinary people to formulate scientific and rigorous exercise plans according to their own ideas, and they cannot exercise where they want to exercise, so they cannot achieve perfect body shaping effects. As a new way of losing weight, yoga has a very obvious effect on women's shaping and stretching.  The exercise method is simple and profound. Under the guidance of professional teachers, even people without exercise foundation can achieve the ideal body shaping effect. What should I pay attention to in yoga to lose weight?  These 3 tips should be mastered! 1. From easy to difficult Yoga includes many types, from basic stretching yoga to more diffi

Can yoga actually lose weight?

  To  say that yoga is one of the most popular exercise in recent years, I believe no one will oppose it.  Seeing various yoga photos in the Internet celebrity circle, the circle of talents, and the circle of friends, as well as the perfect body of the yoga ladies, always make people feel lemon.  #cream of the crop# In order to lose weight, build a figure curve, make yourself confident and look good.  More and more people started to join the ranks of yoga and started practicing yoga. But what is strange is that after practicing yoga, some fairies found that they did not lose weight, and some even gained weight and became “fat”.  As a result, many people began to deeply doubt whether  yoga can lose weight? Senior yoga veteran tells you that the answer is yes.  Look at those yoga people who insist on practicing yoga and are super self-disciplined. How many figures are bad? If you gain weight after practicing yoga or have no effect, then check whether you also have these bad yoga habits.

Online fitness field received another financing, "TREAD" received 1.1 million US dollars in seed round financing

  The COVID-19 pandemic will not hinder the road to fitness? "TREAD" official website According to foreign media  yourstory  report, recently, online fitness startup "  TREAD  " received $1.1 million in seed round financing.  Investors in this round of financing include Unacademy founders Gaurav Munjal, Roman Saini and Hemesh Singh, Udaan co-founder Sujeet Kumar, CRED founder Kunal Shah, Citruspay founder Amrish Rau, MPL founders Sai Srinivas and Shubh Malhotra, Jitendra Gupta, founder of Jupiter, Phanindra Sama, founder of RedBus, and Better Capital, Whiteboard Capital, FirstCheque, and Stanford Angel. In July 2020, "TREAD", headquartered in Bangalore, India, was founded by CEO Dinesh Godara.  The company is an Indian fitness startup company that aims to promote India's national fitness program by providing holistic and affordable exercise guidance. Trainers and fitness experts from all over India will be able to use the "TREAD" platform to

The fitness content creation platform continues to raise funds, and "Playbook" received another $9.3 million in Series A financing

  Another way to make money for fitness content creators. According to foreign media  FinSmes  ,  Playbook  in the United States   completed a US$9.3 million Series A financing, which was invested by, Michael Ovitz, Abstract, Aglae Ventures, Porsche Ventures and FJ Labs.  In June of this year, the company just completed a seed round of financing of US$3 million. So far, Playbook’s total financing has reached US$12.3 million.  The fitness platform Playbook was founded in 2017 by Jeff Krahel, Kasper Odegaard, Michael Wojcieszek and Mike Radoor. Headquartered in Los Angeles, USA, it aims to provide a platform for fitness content creators to help connect fitness enthusiasts. Playbook's operating model is very simple. After fitness coaches publish relevant training courses on the platform, users need to pay a subscription fee of $15/month or $99/year to learn and watch training videos on the platform.  80% of the revenue generated by the platform belongs to the creator, and t

The next lululemon keep up

  In the past few years, the industry's dark horse lulu  lem  on has become a nightmare for Nike and adidas. By selling 1,000 yuan yoga pants, the Canadian yoga apparel brand lululemon has almost doubled its market value to 43 billion U.S. dollars in the last year, but only 25 billion U.S. dollars a year ago, which aroused industry attention, while the market value of Under Armour, the former third place, is only left. US$5.7 billion. The once-strong American brand Under Armour began to decline from its peak in 2015, and just as sports giants Nike and adidas secretly rejoiced that they had pushed back from the aggressive third place, lululemon never knew where to emerge, so it hasn’t returned.  The two giants  who had gone through the  past  were instantly passive.  Nike and adidas couldn't even dream of it. Lululemon threatened their dominance in just two years.  In the past few years, the two giants have had a hard time.  First, adidas relied on a pair of white shoes to turn