Can you lose weight by just doing yoga? Mastered 3 methods, and gradually lose weight

 Many obese female friends find that their body is still not perfect after their weight base has been reduced. The areas where they want to lose weight are not thin, but the areas where they don't want to lose weight have shrunk significantly. This is because exercise weight loss requires a high level of muscle. It is difficult for ordinary people to formulate scientific and rigorous exercise plans according to their own ideas, and they cannot exercise where they want to exercise, so they cannot achieve perfect body shaping effects.

As a new way of losing weight, yoga has a very obvious effect on women's shaping and stretching. The exercise method is simple and profound. Under the guidance of professional teachers, even people without exercise foundation can achieve the ideal body shaping effect.

What should I pay attention to in yoga to lose weight? These 3 tips should be mastered!

1. From easy to difficult

Yoga includes many types, from basic stretching yoga to more difficult aerial yoga. Different types of yoga exercises have different requirements for participants' physical fitness, weight, and ligaments. People who are new to yoga are advised to start from the basics, gradually try to make their joints, muscles, and tendons unblocked, and then try different yoga exercises under the guidance of professional coaches, and choose the most suitable one. Otherwise, it may cause ligament damage and even risk of accidental injury.

2. Fasting exercises

Yoga exercises will make blood flow more smoothly. If there is a large amount of food in the stomach, it will cause insufficient blood supply to the stomach, which cannot be completely absorbed, and it is easy to cause food accumulation and indigestion symptoms. Many yoga movements are more difficult and require higher flexibility, which may compress the abdomen. If you eat too much food before doing yoga, you may experience serious discomfort, and even nausea and vomiting.

3. Ensure body temperature

Although the intensity of yoga exercise is not great, in fact, because many movements require a long time to maintain a posture, the requirements for muscles are actually relatively high, and a lot of sweat will be produced during the exercise. If the body temperature cannot be guaranteed, it will not only affect the exercise effect, but also may catch cold from the wind and induce cold symptoms. It is recommended that people who choose yoga to lose weight prepare a glass of warm water before doing yoga exercises, and drink a small amount slowly after exercise. It can not only replenish lost body fluids, but also speed up metabolism and accelerate the excretion of toxins from the body.


Many people think that yoga movements are soft and beautiful and are exclusively for women. But in fact, yoga pays more attention to the combination of spirit and body, especially in India as a way of spiritual practice. Therefore, men who are mentally stressed, tired, and chronically stressed can also try it. Not only can they relax their minds, reduce stress, but also help the spine and cervical spine.


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