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During weight loss, there will always be a desire to eat. How to control it?

  Core Tip: Is there any way to increase appetite as soon as I lose weight? But losing weight is not just not eating or drinking blindly. Not eating or drinking is cultivating immortality, not losing weight. Scientific weight loss is to eat reasonably. There is nothing absolutely forbidden. There is only moderation, and when you should eat, and when you should eat, you should eat less or not. So how do you judge when to eat and when not to eat? Hungry is a good feeling But there is a problem that being hungry can do things too. Sometimes your hunger is not really hungry, but fake. Give a chestnut, after eating Haidilao with my girlfriend, I walked with my stomach when I went out, but it took only 2 hours. I smelled the scent of egg waffles while shopping, and the gluttonous stomach started clamoring "I can do it." This requires everyone to carefully distinguish between [really hungry] and [fake hungry]. So hungry Real hunger usually comes from the hypothalamic nerve or gastro

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4 high-efficiency fat-burning actions, allowing you to burn fat all the time, making weight loss faster and better

  Core Tip: We always have too many expectations for weight loss, but many people do not achieve ideal weight loss. Sometimes it takes a long time to achieve the results they want. In general, weight loss is to control your diet, choose the right exercise method, and then stick to it, so that you can lose weight successfully. Losing weight is inseparable from eating and moving!  Today, Xiao Jiu will mainly talk about how to move! Weight loss is inseparable from high-efficiency fat-burning exercises. 15-25 minutes of high-intensity interval training is equivalent to the effect of running for 1 hour, which is good news for people who lose weight. Which high-intensity intermittent fat burning exercises are best for weight loss The first type: up and down jump Stand up straight with your legs shoulder-width apart, open your arms naturally, and do an upward jump. When you jump, use your palms to high-five on top of your head. When you jump back, cross your fingers and do a squat.  This move