During weight loss, there will always be a desire to eat. How to control it?

 Core Tip: Is there any way to increase appetite as soon as I lose weight?

But losing weight is not just not eating or drinking blindly. Not eating or drinking is cultivating immortality, not losing weight.

Scientific weight loss is to eat reasonably. There is nothing absolutely forbidden. There is only moderation, and when you should eat, and when you should eat, you should eat less or not.

So how do you judge when to eat and when not to eat?

Hungry is a good feeling

But there is a problem that being hungry can do things too. Sometimes your hunger is not really hungry, but fake.

Give a chestnut, after eating Haidilao with my girlfriend, I walked with my stomach when I went out, but it took only 2 hours. I smelled the scent of egg waffles while shopping, and the gluttonous stomach started clamoring "I can do it."

This requires everyone to carefully distinguish between [really hungry] and [fake hungry].

So hungry

Real hunger usually comes from the hypothalamic nerve or gastrointestinal nerve.

At this time, your stomach may gurgle and gurgle, and your brain will feel dizzy and dizzy, or even stomach cramps and abdominal twitches if you are hungry for a long time.

If you have tried to stay up late without eating lunch or dinner, you will probably be familiar with this feeling.

This is also the body reminds you that it is time to eat.

If it doesn't appear, maybe your hunger is just fake hunger.

False hunger

False hunger, that is, appetite caused by emotions or habits.

It will appear in various situations, such as:

1: You are thirsty

When the body lacks water, people will feel energy shortage, which is similar to hunger, so many people mistake thirst for hunger. If you want to know if you are really hungry, you can drink a glass of water.

After drinking water, the "hungry feeling" disappears, that is, false hunger, and vice versa, true hunger.

2: You are tired

After a lot of exercise or some mental activities will consume a certain amount of energy, and the exhaustion caused by these activities will exaggerate your hunger, making you feel that you need to eat a lot of food to supplement energy.

Therefore, after a lot of exercise, it is recommended to take a short rest before eating, otherwise you will eat a lot.

3: You are a little idle

People want to find something to do when they are bored, so they start rummaging through the cabinets to find food.

The most obvious is eating popcorn and drinking Coke while watching a movie. At this time, because of distraction, you won't feel full no matter how much you eat.

4: You are a little angry

Excessive emotions such as anger, sadness, and happiness will stimulate your appetite and make you appetite. If you don't calm down these emotions as soon as possible, you will continue to eat wildly, and in severe cases, you will suffer from binge eating disorder.

5: You are greedy

Humans are visual animals, and they cannot withstand the temptation to see beautiful things.

Most foods have a delicate "appearance", which can make people have a strong appetite. Even if you just finished eating, you will feel hungry when you look at it.

what do i do if I'm hungry?

I'm really hungry, just eat.

Are you hungry? Recommend you to try this appetite to persuade:

1: Drink water: Avoid thirst, so as not to accidentally eat more food.

2: Drink black coffee: The effect is very fast, but people who suffer from insomnia when drinking coffee should not drink it. Also pay attention to the amount. Healthy adults should try not to exceed 400mg of caffeine per day, which is equivalent to 2 medium cups (about 355ml) of American coffee.

3: In-situ high-leg raise exercise: This method is from a variety show in the island country. Do it at the fastest speed for 10 seconds, and the hunger will be reduced. Jiu thinks it is to move his attention, and it should be possible to switch to other actions.

4: Brush your teeth.

5: Go to bed early: Avoid the easiest operation for late night, and it can also keep the body's hormones stable, helping you resist the temptation of high-calorie foods.

6: Watch the dance video of the girl group, beautiful clothes photos.

7: Eating boiled corn: When you are hungry or want to eat, you can eat slowly one by one in your hand. After eating one third of the corn , you will feel full. Pomegranates are also fine, but you must eat them slowly one by one.

It’s not allowed to eat like this! !

8: Eat egg whites: High-protein and mushy foods (oatmeal and the like) can increase satiety and prolong the time of fullness.

9: Before you want to eat, calm down immediately after weighing.

10: Look at the photos of yourself when you were fat, refreshing and alert.

11: Smell the perfume: The smell association of perfume and food is very different, which will divert your attention from food.

12: Don't have snacks at home: Don't put snacks where you can see them. If you can't see them, you won't want to eat them.


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