Ten simple ways to keep in good health, let you practice from head to toe

 If you want a healthy body condition, you must pay attention to the methods of health care, and do your best to maintain the body, so that you can achieve the effect of prolonging life, delay the aging of the body, and benefit the health of the body. You should always massage regularly The body can play the role of dredging qi and blood, and has the effect of dredging the meridians. Ten simple health-preserving methods will allow you to practice from head to toe.

Ten simple ways to keep in good health, let you practice from head to toe

According to the meridian theory of traditional Chinese medicine, according to the efficacy of traditional Chinese medicine meridians and acupoints, acupuncture, moxibustion, massage, massage, exercise and other methods are adopted to achieve the purpose of dredging the meridians and reconciling yin and yang.

Ten simple health methods are commonly used and easy-to-operate health methods recommended by "Health Literacy". The specific contents are as follows-

●Tooth tapping method

When you wake up in the morning, tap your teeth up and down 30 times. Helps to strengthen teeth.

●Closed breath adjustment

Always close your mouth and adjust your breathing to keep your breathing even and gentle.

● Pharyngeal fluid method

Every morning, press your tongue against your palate, or lick your palate with the tip of your tongue. When your saliva is full, swallow it several times to help digestion.

●Rubbing method

Every morning, rub your hands together, use your middle finger along both sides of your nose from bottom to top, separate your forehead hands to both sides, and go down through the cheeks. This can be repeated more than 10 times until the face is slightly warm. It can make the complexion ruddy and shiny and relieve fatigue.


Use your fingers to insert between your hair, comb your hair with your fingers, rub your head from front to back, comb your hair 50-100 times each time. Helps clear the blood and clear the mind.

●Operation method

Turn the eyeball from left to right more than 10 times, and then from right to left more than 10 times, then close your eyes and rest for a while. You can do it 4-5 times a day. Can clear the liver and improve eyesight.

●Ear Condensation

Cover your ears with both hands, bow your head and raise your head 5-7 times. It can clean the mind and get rid of distracting thoughts.

●Air lift method

When inhaling, lift up the anus and the perineum a little bit harder, and later, slowly exhale and let it go, 5-7 times a day. Conducive to the operation of gas.

●Abdominal rubbing

After each meal, massage the abdomen centered on the navel 30 times with the palm of your hand. Can help digestion and eliminate bloating.

● Foot massage

Before going to bed every day, massage the heart of the feet with the thumb, 100 times in a clockwise direction. It can strengthen the waist and strengthen the kidney.

Ten simple methods of health maintenance, let you practice from the beginning to the feet, health care should pay attention to the correct methods, regular physical activity is good for the health of the human body, lack of exercise will affect the health of the human body, so everyone should pay special attention to the body. If there is pain, you can use acupoint massage to relieve the pain.


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