How to replenish qi and blood deficiency Chinese medicine teaches you 4 good ways to replenish qi and blood

 From the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, qi and blood are the foundation of a person's life activities. If qi and blood cease to function, not only will it affect the body's function, but it will also cause a person to lose the essence and energy. In clinical practice, there are often cases of deficiency of both qi and blood. The most obvious is blood deficiency. Only by replenishing qi and blood in time can normal body functions be maintained.

What are the ways to replenish blood?

1. Moxibustion treatment

Moxibustion is one of the common warming and tonic treatment methods, and it can also be very helpful for blood enrichment, because moxibustion can stimulate acupuncture points with a mixed method, and some acupuncture points can promote the body, carry out self-recovery, and also Can make up blood. Common is to stimulate the blood sea and Sanyinjiao acupoints. Xuehai acupoint can help the body nourish blood, while Sanyinjiao can promote qi and blood circulation. Simultaneous stimulation of two acupoints can effectively replenish qi and blood.

2. Massage

The effect of massage to replenish qi and blood is worse than moxibustion, but massage can stimulate multiple meridians and promote the body's self-regulation function. If it is a patient with blood stasis, the way of massage is much better, because massage can relieve the local blood and help the body absorb the stasis while regulating the body.

3. Acupuncture to replenish blood

Acupuncture to replenish blood is mainly through acupuncture to stimulate acupoints, which is different from the stimulation of acupuncture and massage. Acupuncture can reach deep acupuncture points directly, and it can stimulate the acupuncture points very strongly, which can have a good effect in a short time. If it is a patient with blood deficiency caused by trauma, acupuncture can immediately improve the local congestion, and at the same time promote the circulation of blood and blood can be timely.

4. Medication

Drug therapy is the most effective and the fastest treatment method for blood enrichment. When using drugs to enrich blood, a variety of drugs are generally required for the ratio. In addition to blood tonics, some blood-stimulating drugs and drugs to supplement yang are also needed. . Common Chinese medicines are Angelica sinensis, Shouwu and Ejiao. A variety of traditional Chinese medicine formulations can play a very good effect of promoting blood circulation. In addition, some Chinese patent medicines can also be used. Chinese patent medicines are finished medicines made by a fixed prescription ratio. If you just want to achieve a pure blood-enriching effect, then you can choose some common Chinese patent medicines. Perform blood enrichment. If the body's qi and blood are insufficient, it will not only affect health, but will also consume too much life. People with insufficient qi and blood can find that the skin becomes dry and the hair has withered, which is a phenomenon that accelerates aging. Therefore, if you want to keep your body healthy and live longer, you need to replenish the blood in time.


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