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The most popular weight loss exercise, practice once a day, lose 2 catties a week, and stick to it for a month!

  We all know that if you want to lose body fat, you must do aerobic exercise.  In addition to running, cycling, and swimming, aerobic exercise is also a very popular aerobic exercise.  The advantage of weight loss exercises is that it uses the muscles of the whole body to participate in exercise, which not only increases the coordination between various parts of the body, but also increases the sensitivity and adaptability of the body.  The exercise process will not appear boring. There are 7 movements in a set, and each practice loops 3-4 times.  Stick to each movement for 30 seconds, and rest for 30 seconds between each movement.  Let's take a look~ Action one, Note: Keep your body stable and move smoothly and slowly.  Slowly open up the body's mobility and enter the state of exercise.  Note that the torso is always facing forward and looking forward. Action two, Note: When you inhale, your body opens, and your body contracts when you exhale.  Keep your abdomen tight and you

Sports Trend Brand "STARTER" Receives US$30 Million in Series B Financing to Accelerate Its Deployment in the Chinese Market

  the global sports trend brand STARTER recently completed 30 million U.S. dollars in Series B financing, led by M31 Capital, followed by Disu Fashion, Yunjiu Capital, and old shareholders Sequoia Capital, etc. continue to increase, Qingtong Capital served as the exclusive financial advisor .  After this round of financing, STARTER will accelerate brand promotion in the Greater China market, online and offline business layout and the establishment of a new retail system. STARTER was born in Connecticut, USA in 1971. It is positioned as a full-category sports trend brand with pure American street and American sports pedigree. The current global annual sales exceed 1 billion US dollars.  STARTER focuses on pioneering spirit, American sports, hip-hop and street culture. Since 1976, it has successively won the authorization of many professional sports leagues including NBA, MLB, NFL, NHL, and became the first batch of production and sales with American sports league in the world. And the c

4 fastest ways to lose weight, lose 10 pounds in 3 days, it’s so easy

  For MM who lose weight, "what to eat and how to eat" is an inevitable big problem.  In fact, truly healthy and fast weight loss recipes can not only help people lose fat and lose weight, but also have the effect of improving physical fitness.  The editor below recommends super healthy and fast weight loss recipes for everyone. If you want to lose fat safely and efficiently, just follow along and learn! Lazy weight loss recipes The fastest way to lose weight one, vegetable salad to lose weight Ingredients: First, prepare 200 grams of cabbage, 80 grams of tomato, 60 grams of cucumber and 30 grams of green pepper.  Then prepare 15 grams of salad oil, 2 grams of salt, 20 grams of lemon juice, and 10 grams of honey. Method: Wash the prepared ingredients first. The slices should be sliced, and the diced slices should be diced. This depends on personal preference.  Then put the cut ingredients in the pre-prepared container and stir well.  Finally, put in the auxiliary materials me

Fitness plan training program: 4 recognized training steps, have you done it right?

  Fitness should be a kind of behavior that requires a plan and a goal. It can be called fitness without blind exercise.  Only by determining a clear fitness goal, making a comprehensive fitness plan, and having a standardized fitness process, can you have enough motivation to stick to it. The scientific fitness process can improve the training effect for you and get a satisfactory figure line faster.  So, is your fitness training program reasonable?  The scientific fitness training program should include these 4 steps. Have you done it right?  ! The first step is to warm up You must warm up during fitness exercises. Don’t rush to train. You need to warm up your body joints, activate your muscles, improve your body’s blood circulation, and let your body gradually enter the state of exercise. Performing formal training at this time can reduce the risk of fitness injuries. , Improve training effect. We can first dynamically stretch the body muscles to improve the flexibility of the joint

Hero Sports VSPN completes US$100 million in Series B financing, Tencent and Kuaishou increase the gaming industry Liu Shiwu

  As  an e-sports operator  established in 2016 with hundreds of millions of  users  worldwide  , Hero Sports VSPN takes e-sports business and pan-entertainment video content operations as its core business, and provides e-sports commercialization and e-sports for different e-sports projects. Comprehensive services related to TV and e-sports venue operation.  In 2016, Hero Sports VSPN received  a round of financing led  by  Focus Media  , the Jiansheng Sports Special Fund jointly sponsored by Sequoia Capital China Fund and Chinese Culture Holding Group,  Guangdian  Capital, Yongtong Capital, etc. The 2019 PUBG MOBILE Celebrity Challenge hosted by VSPN With this round of financing, VSPN also announced a strategic upgrade of the brand-Quantum Sports VSPN officially changed its name to Hero Sports VSPN from now on. Ying Shuling, founder and CEO of Hero Sports VSPN, said, “Since Shanghai proposed to build a global e-sports capital, Xi’an, Chengdu, Beijing and other places have successively