What should I eat when I am hungry during weight loss?

 Core Tip: If you feel hungry during weight loss, of course, you can bear it, but if you can’t bear it, it’s okay to eat a little banana. Banana itself has a certain weight loss effect, and the higher calories of bananas can replenish energy, but Because of this, you must eat bananas in moderation during weight loss.

If you feel hungry during weight loss, of course, you can bear it, but if you can’t bear it, it’s okay to eat a little banana. Banana itself has a certain weight loss effect, and the higher calories of bananas can replenish energy, but it is also because So, eat bananas in moderation during weight loss.

Although the sugar content of bananas is relatively high, during the weight loss period, if you can eat bananas reasonably, not only will you not gain weight, but you will also be able to lose weight better. Meal replacement with bananas is fine. Eat nothing but a banana every morning, noon, and night. In this case, you will not gain weight. Bananas have high sugar content. One banana per meal can supplement the calories needed by the human body. In addition, bananas can nourish the intestines, prevent constipation during weight loss, and make your body more comfortable.

Bananas are well digested and absorbed, and can maintain energy for a long time. If you don’t eat anything, just eat bananas dipped in honey, the calories are much lower than the regular meal, and naturally you will lose weight. This is the "core technology" of this magical banana weight loss method. It uses bananas to make the stomach feel full, and the rich enzymes make digestion faster, so that even if you eat as usual for lunch and dinner, you will not accumulate fat. Compared with the painful and hungry diet, or the hard calculation of calories for every food imported, this is really easy and simple.

What to do when weight loss is hungry

1. Eat small meals more often; reduce calorie intake during weight loss, people are easily hungry. At this point, we can divide the original three meals a day into more portions. When you feel hungry, eat small amounts. This can eliminate hunger and reduce calorie intake.

2. Eat foods with a strong sense of fullness; after eating foods with a strong sense of fullness, the body's response is that blood sugar fluctuations are small, but the sense of fullness lasts for a long time. The reason is that the food with a strong sense of satiety is slowly converted into glucose after being eaten. In terms of effect, it is similar to the principle of eating smaller meals.

3. Oats: Oats is a more famous food with high satiety index. The reason why it is taken out here separately is because oatmeal contains a substance called β-glucan, which can help the body secrete cholecystokinin, and this hormone can eliminate hunger.

4. Fish; perhaps in some articles that explain weight loss foods, you will often see some foods that are rich in unsaturated fatty acids, such as fish. So what exactly does this unsaturated fatty acid do? Its function is very simple, that is, it can maintain a continuous feeling of fullness, and it is not easy to feel hunger.

5. Vinegar; food flavored with vinegar is easy to produce a feeling of fullness and can last for a long time. According to a study conducted by the Swiss Bureau of Agriculture and Food Science in Zurich, Switzerland, vinegar and cinnamon can regulate blood sugar after meals, which can make people feel full for a long time after meals.

What can you eat when you lose weight

1. Beans

Regardless of the color of beans, red beans, mung beans and black beans, their weight loss value is quite high, because beans are rich in protein, but low in fat. Each 100 grams of soybeans provides 359 kcal and 6 grams of protein. If you eat legumes at night, you can squeeze a cup of soy milk without adding any sugar to warm your stomach.

2. Flounder

Each 100g of flounder only contains 112 calories, so even if you eat it at night, you won’t get fat. You can boil flounder or make flounder sashimi, add some lemon juice to taste, you can enjoy the umami taste while you lose weight. Right!

3. Skim milk

Skim milk does not contain fat and has very low calories. Drinking a cup of warm skim milk when you are hungry in the middle of the night is not worried about getting fat. The lactose contained in skim milk can be absorbed by the body to eliminate hunger. And drinking a glass of milk in the middle of the night can also help the human body fall asleep quickly and save energy for the next day.

4. Fruit and vegetable juice

Hungry in the middle of the night is sometimes not really hungry, but because your body's cells lack water, your brain is misled and sent out the wrong signal. At this time, drinking a glass of natural green fruit and vegetable juice can not only replenish water in time, but also effectively solve hunger, and at the same time, it can slowly release fructose, which has the effect of relaxing nerves and promoting sleep. You can use low-calorie fruits and vegetables for juice, such as green apples, carrots, celery, green grapes, cucumbers, asparagus, cabbage and so on.

5. Oatmeal

Oatmeal is a good product for weight loss. Many MMs use it to replace regular meals during weight loss. It is not only easy to produce satiety, but also very nutritious, and it is also a valuable bedtime product. In the evening, boil a small bowl of cereals, add a little honey and mix them with it, which is perfect for weight loss.

6. Whole wheat bread

Compared with ordinary white bread, whole wheat bread has 9% fewer calories, but 20% more protein, twice as much vitamin B, and more comprehensive nutrition. So eating a few slices of whole-wheat bread at night can not only satisfy your hunger, but its rich cellulose can also promote gastrointestinal peristalsis, prevent and treat constipation, and will not burden the body.


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