Want to lose weight, but can't do it? You might as well follow this weight loss schedule first

 There are some people who exercise regularly and actively control their diet, but they have not lost weight until they feel very annoyed. In fact, diet, daily life, and sleep will affect the rate of metabolism. They must learn to use the biological clock to achieve weight loss. The effect of slimming.

Demystifying the best weight-loss schedule every day

Exercise more from 6 to 8 in the morning

After waking up in the morning, there should be half an hour to exercise, because in the morning there are less negative oxygen ions, blood circulation is slow, muscles and bones have not been fully stretched, and it is not suitable for strenuous exercise. You can choose to stretch, do yoga, etc. to help lose weight and lose weight.

Drink two glasses of water from 7 to 9 in the morning and eat breakfast

After waking up in the morning, drink at least two glasses of honey water, because the metabolism is relatively strong in the morning and it is not easy to accumulate fat. Drinking water at this stage can save energy for the body, and at the same time avoid eating too much for lunch. Choose high-protein foods for breakfast, such as yogurt or eggs.

Drink water and lunch from 11 to 13

You can drink a glass of water an hour before lunch, which can not only help digestion of food, but also give people a feeling of fullness. At lunch, you must pay attention to balance and richness, and make a good balance. Try not to exercise at this stage, as long as there is a 30-minute walk, not only can lower blood sugar, but also help food digestion.

Eat fruit from 16 to 20

At this stage is the best period of body function. Aerobic exercise can strengthen muscles, and at the same time, it can also get rid of excess fat in the body, promote sleep, and strengthen the weight-loss effect. At the same time, it is effective to eat some vegetables and fruits. regain strength.

Drink a glass of yogurt from 20 to 21

Drinking a cup of low-fat yogurt before going to bed can help the brain to secrete a large amount of melatonin and improve the quality of sleep. You can’t eat any food after 21:00 at this stage because it is easy to cause obesity at this stage.

21:30 to 23:00 ready to go to bed

Stay away from TV phones and computers from 21:30. Blu-ray will ruin your sleep and reduce your eyesight. You can take a hot bath or read a book before going to bed. Try to have a good habit of going to bed at 22:00, which can improve the quality of sleep and also achieve the effect of fast weight loss.


Taking 20 minutes a day to take a nap, not only can charge the body, but also will not affect the night's sleep, and can improve the body's metabolism speed. Set aside appropriate time every day for aerobic exercise, such as skipping rope, swimming, etc. The diet should be light and avoid eating high-salt and high-fat foods.


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