There are different types of weight loss plateaus. Which category do you belong to? "Prescribe the right medicine" to the performance and countermeasures of getting thinner quickly

 Core Tip: In the process of weight loss, after the weight drops to a certain value, although the weight loss continues, the weight will not continue to fall for a long time. This situation is called the weight loss plateau. This is because in the process of losing weight, the body must maintain basic metabolism to avoid complete energy depletion. When the energy consumption in the body reaches a certain level, the body produces protective inhibition.

The plateau period of weight loss is a normal phenomenon. Everyone will have a plateau period during the weight loss process, but the length of time is different. Some people only have a week, while some people are as long as several months. But what is certain is that as long as the weight loss persists to the end and breaks through the plateau period, the weight will continue to drop. However, after entering the plateau, the weight loss will be very small due to the relatively less body fat.

Don't give up losing weight easily when experiencing plateau

Many people who want to lose weight usually lose a lot of weight smoothly in the first month after implementing a weight-loss plan, but by the second month, they suddenly stop losing weight. So many people become discouraged and even give up the original weight loss method.

This is really a shame, because it's just a "stagnation period" in the weight loss process. As long as you break through this weight loss stagnation period, your weight will continue to drop! If you want to know if you are facing a stagnation period, there are several ways. If you find that it is in line with your current weight loss situation, then please revise your weight loss plan as soon as possible to make the stagnation period leave as soon as possible.

Performance and response to various stagnation periods

Platform period one

Time of occurrence: one week before menstruation.

What happened: Obviously carrying out a weight loss plan very seriously, but the body is a little edema, and the weight suddenly does not move, even 0.5*1.5 kg.

Breakthrough method: This is a normal physiological phenomenon, and the weight will naturally recover after the menstrual period.

1. Eat a light diet and don't demand too much calories. At this time, even if you eat less weight, it is difficult to lose weight. On the contrary, it will make you weak and affect the upcoming menstrual period. At this time, you should focus on a light diet, with less salt and less seasonings, and you can eat some warm tonics.

2. Relax in a bath. The phenomenon of body edema can help you improve your body's metabolism, help circulation, improve the discomfort of body swelling, relax your body and mind and reduce the possibility of premenstrual depression by taking a half-body bath or foot bath.

Platform Phase Two

Occurrence time: two or three days to a week or so after a diet.

What happened: The diet plan was strictly implemented, but the number on the weight machine did not decrease even if I ate less.

Breakthrough method: Just relying on diet to lose weight may have a significant effect at the beginning, but relatively soon will encounter a stagnation period. Dieting can also easily make your nutrients and electrolytes unbalanced, resulting in unhealthy body, so it is better to use less diet to lose weight.

1. Return to a normal diet. Don't just eat vegetables or fruits. The result of a partial eclipse will not only cause unhealthy body, but also stagnate weight loss because the body does not have enough protein to break down fat. So the best way is to restore a balanced and normal diet to maintain a healthy body condition.

2. Increase the amount of exercise. Just go on a diet and not exercise, only water and muscle will be lost, and fat will still remain on the body. As a result, it will only become more and more difficult to lose. Therefore, the best way to lose weight is to match the exercise plan, the effect will be lasting and effective.

Platform Phase Three

Cause: Eating lean meat to lose weight, avoid starch to lose weight**

Occurrence time: about one week.

What happens: There may be constipation, fatigue, and decreased resistance.

Breakthrough method: This is the weight loss method that dietitians least recommend, because this method of weight loss is the least healthy and unsafe. Although this method of weight loss can make you eat full and lose weight quickly, if it is implemented for a long time, it will make you The kidneys are overloaded and dangerous. So if you want to practice protein weight loss, remember to slowly return to a normal diet within 1*3 days, otherwise it will be easy to lose your health!

1. Ask a nutritionist. Although the protein weight loss method can quickly help you break down body fat to achieve the effect of weight loss, if you do it indiscriminately without the guidance of a nutritionist, it is easy to lose your health, so it is best to consult a nutritionist before starting your protein weight loss method. Ask a professional doctor if you encounter a period of stagnation.

2. Resume normal diet and exercise more. It is necessary to restore the normal six types of balanced eating habits, to make up for the nutrients that the body lacks. In addition, don't forget to exercise more to increase your metabolic rate and resistance, in order to completely break through the stagnation period and continue to lose weight.

Platform period four

Time of occurrence: 3 weeks * 1 month after the exercise plan.

What happens: Continue to exercise, and the weight does not continue to drop.

Breakthrough method: Your body may have adapted to this type of exercise, so it is more difficult to lose weight in the parts you want to shape. It may also be that the weight loss effect will stagnate because you exercise too little.

1. Change the way of exercise: If you were just doing a kind of aerobic exercise (running, aerobics, swimming, etc.), try a new exercise or add a little local muscle training. It is best to do three completely different exercises every week, because you will get many benefits.

2. Increase the amount of exercise: This is a happy thing, it means that you have reached a certain stage of the challenge, as long as you increase the amount of exercise or exercise time, you will soon make progress.

3. Reduce calorie intake: Are you often unable to resist your appetite to steal food after exercise, so that your pre-exercise efforts are discarded? Remember to eat one hour after exercise, or eat some fruit or milk 30 minutes before exercise to help you exercise, so that you will not be so hungry.

Platform period five

Time of occurrence: Before weight loss was successful.

Occurrence: The whole body seems to be thinner and slim, but some parts such as arms, thighs, abdomen, etc. that are originally too large are still fleshy, and they seem to be out of line with the slim body. .

Breakthrough method: There is no way, this must rely on local exercise to help you achieve the purpose of partial body shaping, don't be lazy, start exercising if you want to achieve the ultimate weight loss goal.

1. Partial exercise: This is a must. Local muscle exercise training, such as sit-ups (abdomen), dumbbell lifting (arms), abdominal breathing (lower abdomen), etc., do it diligently, and it will definitely be effective .

2. Acupuncture: If you are not afraid of pain and have enough patience, in fact, acupuncture is also a good way to combat local obesity!

Platform Six

Breakthrough method: In the initial stage of weight loss, generally as long as increasing exercise (no matter what kind of exercise) or reducing a certain amount of dietary intake can make weight loss. But once the body adapts to this change, it will enter a weight loss plateau.

At this time, perform 4 to 5 times a week, 30 to 40 minutes each time, and maintain the heart rate per minute within the range of 70% to 80% of the maximum heart rate (220-age), brisk walking, jogging, swimming, cycling, and jumping aerobics Waiting for exercise is very important. At the same time, it is also essential to make fine adjustments to the food types of the diet under the premise of the original total diet unchanged.

(1) Drink no less than 2 liters of water per day.

(2) Replace part of polished rice and white noodles with fresh corn, sweet potatoes, potatoes, red beans, mung beans, etc., and control the total amount of staple foods within 300 g/day for women and 400 g/day for men, and be allocated for breakfast and lunch. should.

(3) Eat more vegetables such as celery (leaf), rape, leeks, cabbage, carrots, lentils, peas, eggplants, green peppers and so on.

(4) Eat more fruits such as strawberries, pineapples, kiwis, persimmons, pears, and grapes.

(5) Use soy milk as a beverage.

(6) Fish, shrimp, crab and other aquatic products are the first choice for meat. All meat should be peeled and eaten, and eat less fat.

(7) One egg per day is enough for adults

(8) Drink skimmed milk.

(9) Black fungus, kelp, etc. are all foods that help reduce fat.

(10) Less salt and less oil when seasoning, and moderately increase the ratio of vinegar and chili.

(11) Eat less nuts


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