Ten coups for cultivating body shape, see early and benefit early

Core reminder: If you think you are a fat paper, are you like many people who are not determined but call every day to lose weight? Without actual weight-loss actions, it is absolutely impossible to quickly lose weight from a disgusted piece of fat paper to a bolt of lightning! Therefore, we must find a way to lose weight that suits us, and we must strictly require ourselves to stick to it for a long time, and one day you can become a skinny enthusiast!

If you feel like you are a fat paper, are you like many people who are not determined but call every day to lose weight? Without actual weight-loss actions, it is absolutely impossible to quickly lose weight from a disgusted piece of fat paper to a bolt of lightning! Therefore, we must find a way to lose weight that suits us, and we must strictly require ourselves to stick to it for a long time, and one day you can become a skinny heartthrob!

1. Eat three normal meals, and you can eat enough

Although losing weight does not mean you are on a hunger strike, fat papers need to pay attention to increasing the intake of whole grains and various fiber in their diet. For example, when you are drinking porridge, add a lot of oatmeal to the porridge. .

When eating rice, add a handful of brown rice to the rice cooker. This can help you defecate. People who don't have constipation can maintain their good figure for a long time, and they look healthy and their complexion will become better.

2. Don't be greedy for ice products

If gluttony affects the circulatory system of your body, the circulatory system slows down and the metabolism of fat becomes slower, and you will naturally gain weight. And it can cause edema! So friends who want to lose weight should drink as little beverages as possible and eat as little sugar as possible.

Of course, when the summer is hot, you can also try to make an ice drink yourself.

If you make your own ice products, you can also keep calories quite low. For example, make homemade smoothies. You can consider using fruits with high water content. For example, half a catty of watermelon has only about 60 calories. Others such as cantaloupe, papaya, Apples are all fruits that can be considered for making smoothies. You can also add some milk to increase the intake of calcium and protein. If you can use sugar substitutes, you can reduce calories a lot.

3. To lose weight, eat less tropical fruits that are high in sugar

In fact, tropical fruits, such as mangoes, have many benefits, but after all, they are high in sugar, and if you eat more, they will cause allergies. People with severe allergies may damage their kidneys. Eating more of these tropical fruits will actually do more harm than good, too much. So if you really want to eat, please remember that the daily intake should not exceed two.

4. To restrain yourself from eating fried foods

Those delicious fried foods that are so attractive to fat papers are actually okay to eat once a month! But you must know that vegetable oil can increase our fat and increase calories.

100 grams of vegetable oil has a calorie as high as 869 kcal, and 16 fried peanuts contain 45 kcal. KFC and M remember why it is easy to make people fat because the food is cooked by frying.

In addition, many people like to eat fried dough sticks for breakfast. You think a fried dough stick and a glass of milk are a good and nutritious breakfast. In fact, it provides much more calories than you eat a piece of bread.

Moreover, the oil used for processing fried dough sticks is often used repeatedly, and the fat content is higher, many harmful substances are deposited in it. Therefore, fried food is not included in your diet food. Those who like to eat fried food must get rid of this bad eating habit.

5. Small sports in life

Next, please let us restore your day's life, and see if there are any chances that can make you pay attention and become a lightning bolt!

When you wake up every morning, the first thing is not to get up right away. Instead, stretch a big and long waist first. This action is actually already consuming your calories! Then after getting up, you start brushing your teeth. Don't be idle when brushing your teeth, you can start a wonderful butt tightening exercise!

Tighten your butt, relax again, tighten your butt, relax again. This will continue until you finish brushing your teeth and washing your face, which can effectively improve the phenomenon of falling butt smile line and flat butt due to age and sedentary sitting! Then you can apply skin care products and makeup!

If you haven't gone to the bathroom at this time, squat with makeup! If you want to thin your thighs at the same time, you can open the distance between your two fists with your feet, bend your legs, make your thighs and calves 90 degrees, and tighten your buttocks and thighs, just take care and makeup! Generally speaking, it’s impossible for everyone to hold on for a long time, but you can make up your mind like this. For example, if I maintain this position and apply lotion or lotion, it’s all right. I can’t hold on anymore. Don’t stand up suddenly, slowly or first. It is also okay to squat down and stand up, otherwise your knee may be injured.

6. As long as you are awake, remember to save calories

Speaking of the belly that many fat little friends dream of wanting to lose, the magic weapon is here! If we can persist, let us shrink our stomachs when we are awake.

In fact, it's abdomen! Keep your abdomen as long as you are awake! You may not get used to it at first, so it is uncomfortable, but when you get used to it, you will not relax your abdomen at all. When doing this action, the abdomen has been consumed by exercise, so that your own fat can't accumulate.

7. Do small exercises before going to bed at night

For those small exercises that you can do at home at night, the most recommended is weight loss yoga. If you really don’t want to do yoga, just lift your legs on the bed and do a bicycle pedaling action for 100 reps! No matter how lazy, you can actually put your legs on the wall and do nothing. This will also help your leg lines.

8. The pursuit of a small face must first quit

Quit is the deadly enemy of many fat papers, but if you want to lose weight, you have to quit shredded squid, chewing gum, these demons that need to chew vigorously! They exercise your chewing muscles too much!

Then you must have a massage every night! Also, try not to drink water before going to bed. Drink one or two sips when you are really thirsty, because drinking too much is prone to edema!

In addition, the small face that we pursue is relative, that is, it is more defined than before, and it looks smaller than before. Especially for people over 25, the contours of the face are not clear, and they are especially easy to show old age!

9. Dead corners of shoulders and backs that cannot be missed when doing exercises

If you lay a yoga mat on the ground to exercise, adopt a prone position, with your legs bent back, grab your toes with your hands, and straighten your body up with a bulge.

Maintain this position, and then relax back to the prone position! This posture reduces abdomen, raises buttocks, beautiful breasts, thin arms, thin shoulders, and thighs. You can do about 40 times a night!

10. Also remember to prevent leg edema

For example, when you are at work, you need to make a phone call at the desk in the office. At this time, your legs should not be idle. Sit on a chair, raise one leg and straighten it. Stand on your toes, press your knees, and hold for 10 seconds.

Then switch to the other leg. Then straighten your legs, slowly put them on the ground, and pull your toes hard.

Leg lifts can prevent leg swelling. This will allow you to have beautiful legs.

In addition, when copying things or standing while working, move the toes of one foot up and down for 30 seconds.

Then switch to the other foot. This is a kind of physical training to exercise calf muscles, which can train calf and head bone muscles and prevent leg swelling.


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