Lose weight fast! How to do the right thing at the right time?

 Core Tip: One day's weight loss schedule tells you when to do the most weight loss, it is hard to think of not to lose weight!

The one-day weight loss schedule tells you when to do the most weight loss, it is hard to think about not to lose weight!

6-8: Soft exercise

After waking up, within half an hour, you should actively exercise your body, practice morning yoga, do some stretching exercises, or walk downstairs. Morning exercises can help the body burn fat more effectively, and outdoor exercises are more effective. There is no need to do high-intensity exercise for morning exercises, just take a walk around the community.

7:00-9: Drink 2 glasses of water

Drink at least 2 glasses of water after getting up (approximately 227 ml per glass). Studies have shown that people who drink water can lose 5 pounds (about 2.3 kg) more weight than people who do not drink water after waking up. Because, after a whole night of sleep, a large amount of water in the body is lost, and the blood is in a state of dehydration. Drinking 2 glasses of water before getting up can help the kidneys and liver to detoxify.

10 am to 11 am: a cup of hot tea

The hunger and thirst centers of the brain are located in the hypothalamus. If you mistake thirst for hunger, you will easily eat junk food. Drink a cup of hot tea or plain water at this time to quench your thirst and keep you feeling full for longer. It is best to choose mineral-rich water. For example, the combination of strontium and sodium in natural mineral water can stimulate the development of human nerves, enhance memory capacity, and improve human immunity. At the same time, pregnant women can reduce calcium deficiency. Neurological'cramps'.

11:00-13:00: Have a vegetable lunch

Eat on time every day to lose weight more smoothly, especially lunch, must be nutritionally balanced, food diversified, 3 kinds of vegetables, 1 kind of meat must be guaranteed. In addition, drinking some water half an hour before lunch can also control appetite and help maintain the body. Drinking some water half an hour after a meal can strengthen the body's digestive function and help nutrient absorption. Promote nutrient absorption and reduce fat accumulation.

14 o'clock: Take a beauty nap

Taking a nap for 15-20 minutes will not only allow the body to recharge quickly, but will not affect night sleep, and will help maintain normal metabolism. After waking up, use a cup of healthy mineral water instead of coffee and other refreshing beverages. Drinking a large glass of water will not only help clear your mind, but will not bring physical side effects.

15:00-19:00 dinner

Before leaving the office after get off work, if you want to use drinking water to lose weight, you can drink a few more glasses to increase the feeling of fullness. When you have dinner later, you will naturally not overeating. In order to ensure that you do not wake up hungry in the middle of the night, dinner should be added with a healthy fat such as flaxseed and fish oil.

20:21: Drink a glass of low-fat yogurt

You can eat some low-fat yogurt before going to bed, not only to prepare for the next fast, but also to help the brain secrete melatonin and improve sleep quality. In addition, be sure to drink a glass of water 1 to half an hour before going to bed! But don't drink too much in one breath, so as not to affect the quality of sleep in the bathroom at night.

21:22:30: Turn on the "power off" mode

Stay away from TVs, computers, mobile phones and other devices after 21:00. The blue light they emit can easily disrupt sleep. Before going to bed, you can read a book, take a bath, dim the bedroom lights, etc., or listen to music and get ready for bed.

21:30-23: Ready to go to bed

Modern research proves that staying up late is an important cause of obesity. Staying up late will increase your body load, forcing your body function to decline, and it will also make you unconsciously take in more food, and cells will also accumulate more fat. Sleeping and waking up regularly every day will help maintain a higher quality of sleep, and weight loss will be more successful.


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