How to lose fat

 First of all, you have to understand the principle of human consumption: a heart rate of 130-170, the body's large muscle groups participate in exercise and reach more than 5 minutes, which is aerobic exercise. Then, 0-25 minutes of this exercise is to start the body's sugar supply, and 25-50 minutes is the fat supply (shaken, happy) 50 minutes later, protein (muscle consumption)

How to lose fat

I know you will ask, how long and how long do I have to run without oxygen first, is it a direct consumption of fat? In theory, it seems to make sense, but my personal test for half a year did not have much effect.

I suggest that you use 4 days a week to do aerobic jogging with a treadmill speed of 6-8km/hour and running for 45 minutes. Do anaerobic exercise for the other 3 days, because a deep stimulation of the large muscles of the human body also requires 72 hours to rest and grow, so it is not too small. As long as you can persist, you can see obvious changes after 3 months without measuring body fat

Fat loss and muscle gain are different.

To lose fat, do aerobic exercise, that is, the heart rate is about 120-150 per minute. Middle running, jogging, and brisk walking are all good choices, which play a role in whole body exercise. You have more fat on the waist, you can increase sit-ups to achieve the purpose of exercising the waist and abdomen. The best time is more than 40 minutes each time, the longer the time, the greater the consumption.

And the heartbeat is more than 160 is aerobic exercise, will obviously feel breathless, very tired. Anaerobic exercise will not lose fat, but will increase muscle.

In terms of diet, if you want to reduce fat, you must also control it. Give up snacks, consume as little oil and sweet as possible, eat more fruits and vegetables, eat 8 points for each meal, and resolutely not eat midnight snacks at night.


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