Can't lose weight? Keep in mind this "three in the morning, two in the evening" to help you lose weight easily

 Autumn is the time of autumn fat, as long as you do not grasp the rhythm of life, you will make your body obese, leading to a loss of success. In fact, losing weight is not as difficult as people think. Just keep your mouth shut and open your legs to lose weight easily.

Can't lose weight?  Keep in mind this "three in the morning, two in the evening" to help you lose weight easily

Obese people need to keep in mind which of 3 in the morning and 2 in the evening?

1. Drink plenty of water in the morning

Drinking a cup of warm water on an empty stomach after waking up in the morning can quickly replenish the lost water for the body, accelerate gastrointestinal peristalsis, facilitate the excretion of stool, and avoid constipation. After a night of digestion, there is no food in the gastrointestinal tract. Drinking a glass of warm water can clean the intestines, dilute the gastric acid, and reduce the irritation to the gastric mucosa. At the same time, water can quickly enter various organs and cells of the body, accelerate blood circulation throughout the body, and achieve a refreshing effect.

2. To defecate immediately

After a night of metabolism, toxins and garbage in the body are digested by the digestive system and transported to the intestines and stomach. Drinking water can make defecation smoother. 5:00~7:00 is the golden period of large intestine exercise. In the evening, the small intestine has absorbed all the nutrients it needs, and the remaining toxins are transported to the large intestine. In the morning, defecation can excrete toxins and garbage, so as to achieve the goal of weight loss. Do not hold back when you have a bowel movement, otherwise it will cause intractable constipation and affect weight loss.

Can't lose weight?  Keep in mind this "three in the morning, two in the evening" to help you lose weight easily

3. Have a nutritious breakfast

If the food you eat in the evening undergoes a series of metabolism, the stomach has been completely emptied in the morning, and a rich and nutritious breakfast is necessary to supplement the body with sufficient nutrients, help lose weight and maintain body shape. For breakfast, you can choose grains as a staple food, which can promote food digestion and have low calories. It can also avoid overeating due to excessive hunger during lunch.

4. Don't eat supper at night

If you want to lose weight successfully, you must control your total daily calorie intake. At night, people’s activity is reduced, try not to eat too much food, especially midnight snacks, otherwise it will convert food calories into fat and accumulate in the body, thereby causing body obesity. If you feel very hungry, you may wish to drink milk or millet porridge one hour before going to bed. It has a strong feeling of fullness and is a low-fat food, which not only promotes sleep, but also relieves hunger.

Can't lose weight?  Keep in mind this "three in the morning, two in the evening" to help you lose weight easily

5. Can't stay up at night

Staying up late will disturb the biological clock, slow down the metabolism, reduce the rate of calorie consumption, and cause obesity. In addition, the body can secrete certain endocrine hormones during sleep, which can help to lose weight. So you can't stay up at night, you must fall asleep before 23 o'clock, and go to bed early and get up early.


It is not difficult to lose weight as long as you do the above points. Avoid eating any food three hours before going to bed. When eating, you should chew slowly, not gorgeously, let alone overeating. In addition, 30 to 60 minutes of exercise every day can speed up calorie consumption and help lose weight.


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