Blindly eating vegetarian food will increase your weight without losing, which is harmful to your health! Keep in mind 2 points of healthy eating

 Core Tip: Is it really faster to lose weight if you eat a vegetarian diet?

In recent years, vegetarian food has become popular, and many healthy people are advocating this diet. The biggest impression of vegetarians is that they are healthy. Many people who lose weight claim that eating vegetarian food will reduce the weight faster.

As we all know, eating a vegetarian diet to lose weight is nothing new. In addition to being vegetarian for religious beliefs, environmentalism, and physical health, many people are vegetarian for weight loss. Eating a vegetarian diet on the Internet will reduce it faster and make your body healthier. What are the facts?

You don't know how to be vegetarian

For vegetarians, most people think that they just don’t eat meat, but being vegetarian is not simply not eating meat. In the eyes of vegetarians , vegetarian food is also divided into many types, roughly vegan, semi-vegetarian, fish vegetarian, and ovo-lacto vegetarian .

Strict vegetarianism refers to not eating all animal foods, even plant foods with peculiar smells, such as green onion, ginger, garlic , and semi-vegetarian food. You can eat some animal foods. Fish and ovo-lacto are all semi-vegetarian. Fish vegetarian refers to eating only fish in meat foods, and ovo-lacto vegetarian refers to edible egg and milk foods.

Some vegetarians believe that in addition to strict vegetarianism, other vegetarianisms such as fish and ovo-lacto are sidetracked. This aspect will not be discussed. After a preliminary understanding of the vegetarian diet, is it true that the popular vegetarian diet is faster to lose weight?

Next, everyone will announce the answer together.

Eat vegetarian diet, lose weight faster?

do you know? When I heard that "being vegetarian can lose weight faster," the first person that came to mind turned out to be Marshal Zhu Bajie of Canopy. In reality, many monks in temples have been vegetarians for a long time, but they are not slim or even fat.

In one phrase, eating a vegetarian diet will not lose weight faster. Weight loss does not lie in eating meat or being a vegetarian, but in the combination of nutrition and poor calories .

What is the eternal truth about weight loss? Keep your mouth shut, and move your legs away. No matter what kind of weight loss method, if you want to lose weight successfully, you must control your calorie intake and increase your calorie consumption.

In addition, being a vegetarian may also become fat . First of all, compared to meat, vegetarian food is indeed much lower in calories, but the cooking method used to make vegetarian food is also very important . The method of cold salad has very low calories, and the method of heavy salt and heavy oil naturally increases the calories.

It’s strange to eat a vegetarian diet with heavy salt and heavy oil, and to be too lazy to exercise.

Secondly, many people are prone to malnutrition after eating vegetarian food for a long time . Vegetarian food is relatively simple, if the combination is unreasonable, it is easy to cause the human body to lack certain nutrients.

Long-term vegetarians are prone to lack of vitamin B12, iron, and protein . These nutrients mainly come from animal foods. If you don’t know how to obtain it from other sources, lack of nutrition is inevitable and may even lead to diseases such as anemia.

Finally, eating a vegetarian diet does not make those who lose weight lose faster. Want to lose fast, the key is to reduce daily calorie intake and increase daily calorie consumption. Blindly seeking to lose weight quickly can easily damage your health. The best weight loss per month is 4-6 kg .

Friends who lose weight, lose weight does not hurt your body, and nutrition should be balanced.

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