A super simple and effective way to lose weight, you lose if you don’t know it

 Want to be simple and effective, this fat reduction method...

This method:

  • No site requirements, no need to go out to the gym, just get up from the bed to do it;

  • Do not spend too much time, you can practice in fragmented time;

  • Can exercise the muscles of the whole body, practice once a day, abdominal muscles, buttocks, inverted triangle, all have;

  • The most important point is: save money!

It's simple, you just need:

Bottle of water!

Don't worry, it's not that you just pour mineral water every day without eating.

Instead, use it as a prop.

Not much nonsense, please have Dr. Dingxiang's little brother-Shugui, show you how to use this bottle of water to achieve fat burning effect!

The first trick: cross running in place

Key points:

  • Put the mineral water on the ground, and then tighten the abdomen;

  • Run around the water bottle in four directions, southeast, northwest.

Many people have a stiff lower body due to prolonged sitting, and they often feel "out of touch" between the upper body and the lower body when they start running. This action can save your body!

It comes from the training program of football players, which can effectively improve your control of the body, allowing you to obtain leopard-like explosive power and cat-like flexibility!

Put a bottle of water on the ground every day, clockwise and counterclockwise for one minute each!

You will never feel lead in your calf after two steps!

You will never wrestle all right again, your feet!

From then on, you are the one who walks with the wind!

The second measure: water bottle balance on one leg

Key points:

  • Hold the water bottle in both hands and place it on your sides;

  • Then tighten the abdominal muscles and slowly lean forward, while raising the hind legs until the whole body is level;

  • Slowly retract your feet and return to a standing position.

This action can reach your abdomen, buttocks, and the back of the thigh muscles in one go, and it can also improve the flexibility of your legs! Let you train your abs and hips.

Practice every day, do 12-15 at a time, and play cockfighting with colleagues in the annual meeting , one is not a problem!

The third measure: W-shaped stretch

Key points:

  • Hold the water bottle in both hands, bend over your shoulders and raise your arms to clamp your back;

  • Slowly put your arms away, showing the word W.

Many office workers and student parties often feel hunched and shrugged and necks are sore due to prolonged sitting.

This action can not only help you exercise the back muscles, but also strengthen the shoulder muscles and make your upper body straight.

Do 12~15 a day, so that you no longer hunch back, improve your temperament, and walk with your head high! Excited!

How do you learn it?

There are 3 actions in total, 3 sets are done every day, only two water bottles and a small area of ​​one square meter!

In less than 10 minutes, you can make you outstanding, refreshed, walk easy, and improve your physical fitness!

However, there is a cruel truth that I have to say, that is...

You may have a little heartbeat.

Will collect.

May also be forwarded.

Then... leave the article behind.

Continue to eat and drink, save weight loss until tomorrow.

After all, the most critical problem is not the problem of no methods, but to overcome the inertia and fear of losing weight.

Otherwise, it is to teach you how to lose weight while lying in bed. After you try it, you will still feel tired and troublesome, and you will always want to find "easier" and "more effective" shortcuts.

Sorry, such a good thing for nothing does not exist.

Finally, give everyone a "bowl of chicken soup."


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