How to lose weight,You can lose weight without dieting! 30 weight loss tips, you must need

You can lose weight without dieting!  30 weight loss tips, you must need

It seems that losing weight has never been easy.

Salad meal replacement fitness card, hunger strike, sweating and shaved oil tea, I feel that I have been tossing, but the effect is not always satisfactory.

Those who don't get fat when they eat, naturally feel confident and can't lose weight, so they have to be commotion forever.

Losing weight means that the calorie consumption is greater than the intake, so either encourage yourself to be more active or urge yourself to eat less.

Is there a shortcut?

The following 30 weight loss tips are relatively easy, so you might as well pick a few and do it first.

Don't diet

Dieting is too painful and anti-human. When you are extremely hungry, it is easy to eat more vindictively.

Losing weight is important, but it is equally important to ensure a balanced nutrition and maintain a happy mood.

You can eat more satiety or relatively low-calorie foods. For example, the ones with high protein content, the ones with rich fiber content, the ones with a lot of scum, the ones that are difficult to chew, the ones with enough water, and the ones that take up a lot of space.

Change the order of eating

Don't mention the chopsticks and just grill the rice noodles. It is not easy to control calories, and blood sugar rises quickly. Why not do this:

Eat two more bites of vegetables first , preferably steamed or boiled with a little oil.

Try more protein-rich foods , such as lean meat, fish and shrimp, tofu and eggs.

Finally, eat a bite of rice and buns and other staple foods .

03 Drink plenty of water

Drink a glass of water before a meal, fill it with water, and eat two less meals.

If you are hungry between meals, drink a glass of water first. If you think you are hungry, you may be thirsty.

Adequate water can ensure the normal progress of various metabolic functions of the body and help lose weight.

Drink plenty of water, drink plenty of water, drink plenty of water.

04 Drinks can also be taken, but it is recommended to choose sugar-free

The carbonated drinks are replaced with zero-degree cola and sugar-free sprite.

Milk tea can also be sugar-free, which actually has a sweet taste.

The ice is better, it can burn some extra calories.

But still remember: do n't drink too much, don't drink too much, don't drink too much.

You can lose weight without dieting!  30 weight loss tips, you must need

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05 Eat fresh fruits, don't drink juice

With a cup of pure fruit juice, you can drink 20-40 grams of sugar, which is more than Fat House Happy Water, not to mention fruit drinks.

Fresh fruit usually has more beneficial ingredients than pure juice, such as dietary fiber, which helps to promote intestinal peristalsis.

06 Try not to eat midnight snacks

I am really hungry before going to bed. It is good to eat some fruit, vegetable salad, or a glass of milk or soy milk, rather than fried, barbecue, or skewers .

If you don’t eat midnight snack, you can reward yourself with a good breakfast the next day.

07 When eating meat, first white and then red

If you want to eat meat , choose fish, chicken, and shrimp first .

After removing the skin, white meat usually has a lower fat content than red meat. Eat white meat first to occupy your stomach, otherwise one bite, two bites, or three lipsticks of red meat will make you lose weight all day.

08 Don't eat the skin

Try to eat less chicken skin, duck skin, pig skin, and the outer skin of fried food .

The oil is really very big. For example, the calories of duck skin is almost 4 times that of duck breast, and more than half of it is fat.

You can lose weight without dieting!  30 weight loss tips, you must need

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09 Add coarse grains in the staple food

On the one hand, the heat will be lower .

On the other hand, most whole grains are not very tasty, so they don’t eat too much... If things go on like this, they will lose weight.

Replace 1/3 of the refined rice noodles with coarse grains, taking into account the taste of the food and the look of the body.

10 Don't eat too salty and spicy

It’s easy to eat more heavy flavors, think about it, which hot pot is not the only way to pay for it?

A spoonful of Lao Gan Ma can serve a large bowl of white noodles.

A salted duck egg can drink three bowls of gruel.

If you want to lose weight, start by eating lightly.

You can lose weight without dieting!  30 weight loss tips, you must need

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11 Chew slowly when eating

You don't have to count how many times you have to chew, but it is good to taste the food carefully and let them stay in the mouth for a while.

While protecting the stomach, you can eat less.

It takes time for the gastrointestinal to perceive hunger and fullness. Eat slowly and give time to the gastrointestinal reaction. It is not easy to eat too much.

12 Change small tableware

If you want to eat less, one of the most convenient ways is to change the tableware.

Small dishes, small plates with meat, small bowls for rice, and small glasses for wine can easily reduce your daily food intake.

13 Better not to drink

Regardless of whether it is beer white red rice crackers or other wines, their calories are not low.

In addition, when most people drink, they will always serve with dishes, meat, and friends. This way, it is easy to chat, drink up, and eat .

Quitting a bar is easier than quitting three meals.

You can lose weight without dieting!  30 weight loss tips, you must need

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14 Don't use video to serve meals

British dramas, American dramas, idol dramas, and variety show animation short videos are all artifacts.

Attention is drawn to the mobile phone. At this time, even if the stomach tells the brain to "eat full," the brain has no time to deal with it and will eat too much without knowing it.

Concentrate on eating, don't get distracted . Playing on the computer and watching TV for dinner is also a reason.

15 Do some bed exercises

Before getting into the bed, you can exercise for about ten minutes on the bed, and then completely relax and lie down.

For example, take a seated rowing and tighten your stomach, like this:

You can lose weight without dieting!  30 weight loss tips, you must need

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The tight hips bring the peak of life, and the flat lower abdomen implies a smooth life.

Of course, it is also possible to do the kind of "bed exercise" you want.

16 Leave the table after eating

You would never sit at a table without doing anything.

Chopsticks and spoons are at hand, leftovers are in front of you, what else can be done?

Put a chopstick in this bowl and talk more in that plate. Before I knew it, I ate several more bites.

After eating, quickly leave the charming place of the table.

17 Put snacks out of sight

Hide snacks in hard-to-reach places, in the refrigerator, on the high cabinets, in the deepest part of the drawer, or simply put them on the shelves of convenience stores and do not take them home.

Make sure to do hiding snacks when you are not hungry.

In addition, brushing your teeth early in the evening is the same: brushing your teeth after eating is troublesome.

You can lose weight without dieting!  30 weight loss tips, you must need

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18 Snacks can be eaten, choose small packages

What should I do if I really want to eat snacks?

You don't have to quit completely, choose the right kind of snacks.

A box of low-fat milk, an apple, 10 almonds, a whole-wheat biscuits, and a small piece of dark chocolate are better choices. Use low-fat cheese and fruits instead of desserts.

As a snack, 150 kcal is almost the same.

19 Prioritize snacks with less oil

What should I do if I really want to eat snacks?

It is best not to eat oil.

The fat content of air-dried or freeze-dried fruit slices is mostly below 1%. The fat content of low-temperature fried banana chips and other fruit and vegetable chips can rise to 10% to 20%!

The more you eat, the fatter you get .

20 can choose high-protein snacks

When you really want to eat snacks, try not to choose high-carb snacks, such as biscuits and cakes.

You can replace it with protein-rich snacks, such as low-salt beef jerky and chicken breast meatballs.

Various food ingredients cause different feelings of fullness in the body. Generally speaking, foods with high protein content, large volume, and more dietary fiber have a stronger feeling of fullness.

Even if the calories are equal, it is a healthier choice.

21 Change your left hand to eat snacks

What should I do if I really want to eat snacks?

Some studies have found that eating snacks with non-active hands will reduce the amount of snacks.

If you really want to eat snacks, eat them with your left hand.

If you are left-handed, go the other way.

You can lose weight without dieting!  30 weight loss tips, you must need

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22 Don't buy things when you are hungry

Not much to explain.

If you don't believe me, try it, see what items are in the shopping cart , and look back at item 18.

23 Don't stay up late

Irregular work and rest, lack of sleep, may cause hormone secretion disorders, thereby increasing the possibility of obesity.

Going to bed early can also put an end to the desire for supper.

So, going to bed early tonight may help you lose weight.

24 Sit less, stand more, stay less and move more

It's okay to take two steps.

Instead of ordering take-out for lunch, walk to eat.

When talking on the phone, pacing back and forth.

Stand and work for at least one hour a day.

Give up your seat on the bus, thin and caring.

When I'm free, I don't sit but walk. When I go upstairs, I don't take the elevator but the stairs.

Get up and exercise when the TV show peeing point or interstitial advertisements, until the episode starts again.

25 Pay attention to posture when walking

Don't bow your head, take a big step, clamp your hips and lower your abdomen.

Keep your head straight and walk with wind.

Good posture, just walk out.

You can lose weight without dieting!  30 weight loss tips, you must need

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26 Put a scale in the room

An accurate weight scale can objectively reflect your weight loss effect, and can secretly supervise your weight loss plan .

In the same way, you can also put a flat, honest and fair full-length mirror in the room .

27 Don't believe in reducing fat in a short time

Losing 2 kilograms a month is the rate of healthy weight loss.

If you really lose fat tissue, it takes about 7000 kcal to consume 1 kg of fat. Under the condition of ensuring our health, it is the limit for us to eat 500 kcal less a day, which is almost 2 kg a month.

28 You Are Persevering

If you are really anxious about your body shape and make up your mind to lose weight and stick to it, you will succeed in 80%.

If the whim drops off and on, the chance of success is much smaller.

29 Maintain a good attitude

A good mood has a positive effect on weight control.

Anxiety, anger, discomfort, and stress often require food to resolve.

Actively adjust your mentality and do things that make yourself calm, happy, and less nervous, which will help you lose weight.

You can lose weight without dieting!  30 weight loss tips, you must need

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30 Establish a reasonable reward and punishment system

There are rewards and punishments, more motivation.

For example, if you open WeChat exercise steps, if you rank in the top three this week, reward yourself with a hot pot milk tea on the weekend.

For example: set a weight loss goal, compete with friends, and give red envelopes to the opponent who doesn't finish.

For example: Set the ideal waist size, and buy the long skirt that you have long wanted on the day you reach it .

For example: After reading this article, select the 10 that you think are the easiest to stick to, and forward it to your friends circle to set a flag. If you don't do it, please have a big meal with your favorite friends.


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