Yoga has a good weight loss effect, and the five yoga movements quickly lose weight

 Yoga can shape the body, rejuvenate the body and mind, and have a slimming effect. Many women like this exercise. Here is an introduction to the five movements of yoga to lose weight:

Yoga has a good weight loss effect, and the five yoga movements quickly lose weight

Step 1: Dove pose

Sit cross-legged, open the right leg to the side of the body, bend the knee and rotate it internally, place the right foot at the joint of the right elbow, put the hands together in front of the body, stretch the back when inhaling, expand the chest cavity, and maintain smooth breathing. Then switch to the other side to practice.

This formula can stretch the side waist, reduce waist fat, shape the waist curve, stretch the leg muscles, strengthen the flexibility of the hip joint, enhance the blood circulation in the pelvic area, and nourish the pelvic organs.

Step 2: King Pigeon Pose

Extend the left leg behind the front and right leg, straighten the pelvis, bend the right knee and raise the right foot, grab the right foot close to the body with the right hand, bend the right elbow upwards, inhale and raise the left arm, relax and bend the elbow when exhaling, and grasp the right with both hands With the feet, stretch the spine to expand the chest cavity when you inhale again, and the abdomen slightly retracts inward. The king pigeon pose has a certain strength and requires a certain yoga foundation. The main point is that you can't squeeze the neck when you stretch your shoulders, and when you bend back, the waist and abdomen can be used to protect the lumbar spine. This formula can expand the chest cavity, stretch the abdomen can effectively promote digestion, help the body to detoxify, and exercise the waist, abdomen and leg muscles at the same time, it has the effect of reducing fat and shaping.

Step 3: Arm wrapping

Inhale to expand the chest cavity, open the sides of the arms, exhale the arms forward, wrap the right hand in front of the upper hands, stretch the spine when inhale again, retract the abdomen slightly, and lift the hands slightly upward.

Be careful to keep your shoulders flat and don't shrug your shoulders. After keeping a few breaths smoothly, relax your hands and open them and change your left hand to practice. This formula can effectively exercise the arm muscles, reduce excess fat in the arms, and expand the back of the shoulder blades. It can strengthen the blood circulation in the upper back and relieve the stiffness and soreness of the upper back.

Step 4: Standing pigeon pose

Standing in a mountain standing position, move the center of gravity to the left foot, raise the right leg and bend the knee, grasp the right foot with the left hand, place the right foot on the right elbow joint, inhale and stretch the left arm upward, exhale and relax the shoulders, and put both hands together in front of you. Expand your chest and stretch your shoulders when you inhale again. Keep for a few breaths and switch to the other side to practice. The main point of the asana is to look straight ahead, focus on keeping the body stable, and evenly exert the force on the inside and outside of the sole. This pose can stretch the front of the thigh and strengthen the leg muscles, effectively shape the leg lines, make the hips firmer, and strengthen the coordination and control of the body. The balance posture can effectively improve concentration.

Step 5: Dance style

When inhaling, stretch your left hand upwards, grab your right foot with your right hand, lean forward a little while exhaling, and inhale, stretch your right leg back and up. Let the spine stretch and the body unfold, the left thumb and index finger will merge into a wisdom mudra, and look towards the tip of the left finger to maintain body balance.

Yoga to lose weight is not a matter of overnight, it must be persisted for a long time, so that it will be effective. Women who love beauty can choose this way to achieve the effect of weight loss.


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