What is the standard weight of a normal person? How to lose weight most effectively if the weight remains high?

 In daily life, many women do not hesitate to lose weight excessively in order to maintain a slim body. They think that the lighter the weight, the thinner the body is, the more beautiful they are. They don’t realize that this concept is wrong. The better, there is no beauty in an overly thin figure. Everyone's body shape, height, and weight are different, which means that everyone has their own standard weight, and the standard of measurement varies from person to person. It is normal for our weight to be within the standard range. So, how is each person's standard weight defined? Let's get to know it together.

What is the standard weight of a normal person?  How to lose weight most effectively if the weight remains high?

What is the standard weight of a normal person?

We all know that being overweight or overweight is not good for your health. People who are overweight or overweight should keep their weight within the standard range. A person’s standard weight can be calculated using a formula to calculate the BIM index. Defined, if the calculated BIM index is within the normal range, it means that the weight has not exceeded the standard.

So, how is this BIM index calculated? It is obtained by dividing the weight by the square of the height. Generally, a BIM index between 18 and 24 indicates that the weight is within the normal range; if it is greater than 24, it is considered mildly obese; greater than 28 is considered moderately obese; 32 is severely obese. If the weight is within the standard index of obesity, some measures must be taken to lose weight.

What should I do to lose weight healthy?

Drink more water

People often say that “drink more hot water to lose weight” is reasonable, because the temperature of the water still has some influence on the weight loss effect. We all know that drinking hot water that does not burn your mouth has a certain weight loss effect. Warm water is mainly The effect is to expel toxins and garbage in the body, and cold water will harden fat, which is not conducive to weight loss, and drinking too much cold water in autumn and winter will cause stomach troubles, so it is not recommended to drink too much cold water, especially untreated The cold water is easy to retain some bacteria, which is even more harmful to our health.

What is the standard weight of a normal person?  How to lose weight most effectively if the weight remains high?

Adjust diet

Most people who want to lose weight think that they should control their diet. Some extreme weight loss people even think that losing weight is to refuse to eat anything. In fact, excessive dieting is very undesirable. First of all, excessive dieting will lead to a decline in our body's metabolism. , And if we want to lose weight effectively, we must improve our metabolism; secondly, excessive dieting can indeed make us lose some weight, but it may be an illusion caused by the reduction of our body water. Essentially, our fat has not changed. The weight loss effect is minimal. Finally, it is difficult to maintain a weight loss method such as excessive dieting. "People are iron rice but steel". Our appetite has been suppressed for a long time. It is especially easy to overeating at a certain point, and even become worse than before losing weight. If you want to get fat, it really won't pay off. Therefore, we should completely abandon excessive dieting as an unhealthy way to lose weight. Instead, we should reasonably adjust the diet structure, appropriately reduce some calorie intake on the basis of ensuring the nutrition of the three meals, and strictly control snacks and high oil and fat. Food intake.

Exercise regularly

We all know that if you want to lose weight, you must "control your mouth and open your legs." A reasonable adjustment of the diet structure and adherence to exercise must be combined to achieve the effect of weight loss. Persistence in exercise can not only increase metabolism and enhance the effect of weight loss, but also improve our mentality, so that our body and mind are kept in a good state and look younger. There are many ways to lose weight by exercise, such as brisk walking, running, aerobics, and Pilates, which is a popular way of losing weight. These are all ways to lose weight. No matter what kind of exercise, you can find The most important thing is to suit your own exercise style and stick to it. After work, many people are so tired that they just want to lie down and have a rest at the thought of exercising. Over time, the plan to lose weight through exercise has been put on hold. We can set a reasonable goal for ourselves at the beginning of exercise to lose weight. , And then gradually increase the amount of exercise every day, such as running. The first day you can try to run two or three kilometers, the second day can be increased to four or five kilometers, so that the body has a process of slowly adapting, if you run ten Kilometers, so it is difficult to persist in the later period, so you might as well try this exercise to lose weight.

What is the standard weight of a normal person?  How to lose weight most effectively if the weight remains high?

Generally speaking, the standard weight can measure whether our body is in a healthy state. Due to the difference in height and weight, the standard weight value of each person is also different. There is no need to pursue skinny excessively. An excessively thin body is not beautiful at all, and malnutrition is prone to cause a series of problems in the body. Of course, excessive obesity is also undesirable. Obese people must pay attention to timely adjustment of their diet. Keep your weight within the normal range with exercise so that all aspects of your body will be healthy.


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