What is the difference between fitness and non-fitness? Analyze from 4 aspects

 What are the benefits of fitness, worthy of so many people for a long time?

For people who don’t work out, fitness is boring and requires you to sacrifice your own entertainment time. They don’t like exercise, and they can’t understand why some people can stick to fitness.

For people who work out, they feel the benefits of fitness, such as getting a better figure, stronger breakthroughs, and a more optimistic attitude. These will make them take the initiative to exercise.

For those who exercise for a long time, they will not feel that fitness is boring. On the contrary, they will feel that fitness has brought them more fun and a more self-disciplined and better self. People who exercise for a long time will gradually become addicted to fitness and integrate fitness into their lives instead of rejecting fitness.

At the beginning, there may not be much difference between people who exercise and those who don’t. But in the long run, the difference between the two will become bigger and bigger. We can take a look specifically:

1. The difference in figure

As people who don’t work out get older, their body muscles are lost and their metabolic level drops, and their body is prone to get fat and bloated, and they can’t have a good body line.

For those who insist on fitness, they have effectively avoided muscle loss, their body's metabolic level has also been maintained in a vigorous state, their body fat rate has been effectively controlled, and their bodies will naturally not gain weight.

For those who strengthen strength training, muscle lines will gradually become prominent, body curves will become better and better, and the gap with people of the same age will become larger.

2. The difference in physical fitness

From people to middle-aged and elderly people, disease is an event that many people cannot avoid. As you age, your heart and lung functions will gradually decline, your own strength will gradually be lost, your physical fitness will be much worse, your own immunity will decline, and people are more likely to get sick.

As for those who insist on fitness training, their physical fitness has been exercised, their muscle endurance, cardiopulmonary function have been strengthened, their resistance will also be improved, and there will be no more diseases as they grow older. People who have been exercising for a long time maintain a strong physique, effectively resist aging and diseases, and maintain a young body.

3. The difference in appearance

After a person is 30 years old, sagging skin and wrinkles will begin to appear, and the symptoms of first-year old age will begin, and no amount of cosmetic surgery can restore the youthful appearance. However, people who exercise for a long time can achieve beauty and motivation.

Fitness is like a cosmetic surgery of time. Exercise can promote cell metabolism, promote collagen synthesis, reduce the appearance of wrinkles, and maintain firmer skin. People who insist on fitness will keep their appearance at a frozen age.

4. Differences in mentality

Today's life is stressful and work pace is fast. Many negative emotions will unknowingly. At a certain level, you will face emotional breakdown and depression, which will seriously affect your normal life and life, and also affect family and friends.

Those who insist on fitness exercise can release all kinds of boring and unpleasant emotions in fitness training, and the body will release dopamine, thereby gaining a positive and optimistic attitude, having a better mood to face family and friends, and regain the enthusiasm for life.

There are indeed many benefits of keeping fit, and these differences are the difference between people who exercise and those who don’t. Seeing this, do you understand why so many people insist on going for fitness?


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