What are the correct ways to lose weight

 With abundant resources, weight loss is not only for female friends, but also a top priority for many male friends. In daily life, I am always looking for ways to lose weight that suit me, hoping to find a way to help me lose weight quickly. Let me introduce the correct and effective ways to lose weight, so what are the correct and effective ways to lose weight?

What are the correct ways to lose weight

1. Drink 1 cup of water or a bowl of light soup before each meal, and pad your stomach first to reduce the amount of food you eat.

2. Breakfast should be simpler, with low fat, high protein + high fiber food. Such as fresh fruit, whole wheat bread, yogurt and poached eggs, oatmeal, etc.

3. Eat small and frequent meals every day to stabilize your blood sugar level, thereby avoiding emotional impulse, so that your greedy appetite can be eased and the possibility of overeating is greatly reduced.

4. Do not eat added sugar (including cakes, drinks, etc.). If you add a small amount of sugar to the food you eat every day, you may not care about it. But after 1 year, the extra calories per day will accumulate in your body into 3 kg of fat-30 kg in 10 years.

5. Eat high-protein foods. The notion that meat cannot be eaten during weight loss is incorrect. Protein is an important component of the body. If there is insufficient protein supplementation and excessive muscle loss during the process of weight loss, it is easy to cause a decline in metabolism and become more and more difficult to reduce. In addition, protein foods can effectively increase satiety.

6. The daily exercise time should be arranged according to their own living habits. If you have a long and busy working day, you should exercise more in the early morning. And if you want to suppress your appetite for dinner, the best time to exercise is 4 or 5 in the afternoon. If you feel that this is too much psychological pressure, then 8 or 9 o'clock in the evening is also a good time.

7. Using potatoes or sweet potatoes and other coarse grains to replace some of the staple food, you can avoid or eat less other greasy foods. Many varieties of potatoes are rich in nutrients and delicious.

8. To exercise the lower body muscles (mainly referring to your hips and thighs) as the main purpose of physical exercise, can maximize the energy absorbed by the body. For example: walking, jogging, cycling, etc.

9. No matter what kind of exercise you are engaged in, exercise is better than no exercise, so don't push it again and again just because you don't have enough time to finish an exercise. Any behavior that makes you feel refreshed, such as cleaning fallen leaves, cleaning the room, or taking your dog out for a walk, can be counted as an exercise. Remember that your body is constantly consuming body calories in various ways throughout the 24 hours a day.

10. Chew slowly: your brain needs about 20 minutes to confirm that you are full. The way to deal with this is to chew slowly and prolong the meal. If you eat too fast, your appetite will definitely be "excessive." You should try to drink some hot soup. You can't "gobble it up".

11. Go out for a walk with friends. Walking can consume the calories absorbed by the body, lower your blood pressure and heart rate, reinvigorate you when you are exhausted, and gradually calm you down when you are irritated, and it can also make you and nature and friends We have more contacts. When walking, you should wear high-quality sports shoes and maintain a proper posture: look straight ahead, tuck your abdomen, raise your hips, straighten your back, and do not bend over and look down at your feet.

12. Normally, you should climb stairs instead of taking elevators. This not only "burns" body heat, but also enhances heart function and prolongs life.

13. You can go to the hills near your home for climbing exercises every morning or evening. While you enjoy the beautiful scenery of sunrise and sunset, the heat in your body has quietly disappeared.

14. Ride a bicycle to work as much as possible. If your work unit is too far away from your home, you can take a bus to a place closer to your unit first, and you can complete the rest by cycling or walking.

15. Treat housework as a fun-filled aerobic exercise. The calories consumed are enough to surprise you. Mopping the floor for 1 hour can consume 250-400 calories; ironing clothes, 205 calories; making beds, 210 -240 calories; laundry, 160 calories.

18. Don't weigh the weight repeatedly in three days. Because the water that stays in the body every day ranges from 1-4 pounds and the weight of muscle is also greater than fat, weighing your weight every day will make you lose confidence. On the other hand, you should always pay attention to whether the clothes you are wearing are still fit, so that you can constantly see your progress and always maintain sufficient motivation.

If friends with weight loss needs can do the above points well, I believe everyone can achieve good weight loss results. No matter what weight loss method is adopted, the most important thing is to maintain patience and perseverance!


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