National Hockey League NHL

 National Hockey League NHL

The National Hockey League (NHL) is the largest professional ice hockey tournament in North America and the highest level professional ice hockey league in the world. NHL was established in Montreal, Quebec, Canada in 1917. At the beginning of its establishment, there were 6 teams. After a series of expansions, there are 31 teams temporarily, of which 25 are located in the United States and 6 are located in Canada.

The team is divided into east and west regions, and each region is divided into two divisions. The Stanley Cup, which the NHL League competes every year, is the oldest championship trophy in professional sports. Traditionally, because of the league’s Canadian descent, most of the players are Canadian. In the NHL's active expansion to the United States and its high standards compared to other leagues and the output of ready-made high-level players after the fall of the Eastern European Iron Curtain, the number of European and American players has a significant increase. Even so, half of the players on the roster were still born in Canada.

Eastern Union

1. Metropolitan area (Metropolitan)

Columbus Blue Jackets CBJ Columbus Blue Jackets

Carolina Hurricanes CAR Carolina Hurricanes

NJD New Jersey Devils

PIT Pittsburgh Penguins

New York Rangers NYR New York Rangers

New York Islanders NYI New York Islanders

WSH Washington Capitals

PHI Philadelphia Flyers

2. The Atlantic Division (Atlantic)

BOS Boston Bruins

Buffalo Sabres BUF Buffalo Sabres

Montreal Canadians MTL Montreal Canadians

TOR Toronto Maple Leafs

OTT Ottawa Senators

DET Detriot Red Wings

Tampa Bay Lightning TBL Tampa Bay Lightning

FLA Florida Panthers

Western Union

1. Central (Central)

CHI Chicago Blackhawks

DAL Dallas Stars

Nashville Predators NSH Nashville Predators

MIN Minnesota Wild

St. Louis Blues STL St. Louis Blues

Winnipeg Jets WPG Winnipeg Jets

Colorado Avalanche COL Colorado Avalanche

2. Pacific

ANA Anaheim Ducks

ARI Arizona Coyotes

LAK Los Angeles Kings

VGK Vegas Golden Knights

SJS San Jose Sharks

Edmonton Oilers EDM Edmonton Oilers

Calgary Flames CGY Calgary Flames

VAN Vancouver Canucks


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