Michael Thompson: Zhan Mei has to win another championship to become a Lakers legend

 In an interview recently, former Lakers player and Klay Thompson's father Michael Thompson talked about his views on the combination of LeBron James and Anthony Davis.

He said: "They are the best team in basketball. The moment the Lakers got thick eyebrows, I was expecting them to win the championship. People are wondering if the James Eyebrow duo will become OK and Magic and Jabbar. That kind of duo, I think they will, but they need to win another championship. You will become a legend for the Lakers when you can back-to-back or win a few championships. Because in Los Angeles, the standard is because of the past duo The team has been promoted to a very high level."

Michael Thompson was the No. 1 pick in the 1978 NBA Draft and has played for the Trail Blazers, Spurs, and Lakers. He has won the NBA championship in 1978 and 1988. Currently, his second son Klay Thompson is playing for the Warriors.


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