Major League Baseball MLB

Major League Baseball MLB

Two alliances

Major League Baseball (MLB) is the highest-level professional baseball league in North America, and it is also a professional sports event traditionally known as the American national ball.

MLB is composed of the American League (AL) and the National League (National League).

MLB has a total of 30 teams, each of which has 15 teams (among them, the Toronto Blue Jays of the AFC is a multinational team). According to geographical distribution, both sides divide the national division into the west and the middle. There are three divisions in the Eastern District, with five teams in each division.

Generally speaking, the biggest difference between the American League and the National League is that in the American League’s home game, the team uses a DH (Designated Hitter, DH for short) instead of one of the nine defensive positions to act as a striker. task. DH's candidate is generally stronger in attacking ability, and accordingly, he does not need to practice defense. Generally speaking, the position that is replaced is the pitcher, that is, DH replaces the pitcher to strike. In the National League at home, as there is no DH rule, all nine defensive players are responsible for the blow. In cross-league games, the decision to use DH is based on the league where the home team is located.

The following rankings are based on the English name of the team's location. [1] 

National League NL

NL East:

Atlanta Braves

Miami Marlins

New York Mets

Philadelphia Phillies (Philadelphia Phillies)

Washington Nationals

NL Central:

Chicago Cubs

Cincinnati Reds

Milwaukee Brewers

Pittsburgh Pirates

St. Louis Cardinals

NL West:

Arizona Diamondbacks

Colorado Rockies

Los Angeles Dodgers

San Diego Padres

San Francisco Giants

American League AL

AL East:

Baltimore Orioles

Boston Red Sox

New York Yankees

Tampa Bay Rays

Toronto Blue Jays

AL Central:

Chicago White Sox (Chicago White Sox)

Cleveland Indians

Detroit Tigers

Kansas Royals

Minesota Twins

AL West:

Houston Astros (Houston Astros)

Los Angeles Angels

Oakland Athletics

Seattle Mariners

Texas Rangers (Texas Rangers) 


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