"I have 7 houses to collect rent, but I feel life is meaningless": Really rich people are different from what you think

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The two recent news items are very interesting to compare together.

One is the news about the "Shanghai Ladies Group":

Self-media author Li Zhonger wrote an article on his official account, detailing his experience of breaking into the celebrity group.

He said that he thought he could chat about luxury goods with rich women in the group, share contacts, and even make a wave of elites, but he didn't expect to see the high-end version of Pinduoduo.

The so-called "ladies" in the group fight afternoon tea, rent Hermès, and rent Ferrari. This hour belongs to you and the next hour belongs to me.

Even a pair of second-hand CUCCI stockings that cost a few hundred dollars is also bought.

The hotel can also stay together, pull 40 people, 125 per person, you can enjoy a top hotel for 5000 nights.

And their purpose of putting together orders is very simple, just to take pictures and post to Moments.

Therefore, in the social accounts of these "female ladies", you will see a lot of almost identical photos, except that the person in the photo has changed.

There is also a piece of news about a Shenzhen demolished second generation.

There is a short video in Kuaishou. The protagonist in the video, Mr. Yang, said that he owns 7 houses in Shenzhen and collects 600,000 rents per month, but he feels that life is meaningless.

In order to experience life and find the true meaning of life, he chose to be a taxi driver to enrich his life.

Now, he feels that his life is very fulfilling, and he has things to do every day. Although he is not short of money, he has spiritual support.

In the eyes of Shanghai's celebrities, living in star-rated hotels, wearing luxury goods, and drinking afternoon tea are considered celebrities.

Therefore, those women who wear second-hand CUCCI stockings will despise men who drive BMW and Mercedes-Benz. After all, in their opinion, how can the real rich people drive a Ferrari?

But perhaps they never thought that the taxi driver they would never look down upon was actually a rich man with assets of over 100 million.

In fact, there are so many invisible wealthy people hiding around us like this.

For example, a Shanxi guy who was "exposed" by the media some time ago, works as a security guard in a community, earns a meager salary of 2,300 per month, but smokes cigarettes that most people can't afford.

Only after his true identity was revealed that the guy was a real rich second-generation, and his father was the chairman of a local group.

But the guy was muddled and uninterested in making money, so he worked as a security guard to experience life.

There is also the domineering aunt of the cleaner who used 6 million yuan to complete the financing of the startup company. She is a demolisher of the Shanghai World Expo. She has eight suites in her hand and goes to work just for entertainment.

Really rich people are really different from what you think.

Most of them dress plainly, do not deliberately drive luxury cars, and even do the most ordinary jobs.


If you say that those demolished households are not really rich and elites, they are just lucky and have made a fortune, so they who are used to the life of ordinary people will not suddenly change their living habits and start to spend money and wear money. Dai Yin.

Then let's take a look at the daily life of the real elites.

There used to be a very popular variety show in Japan called "One Hundred Million Marriage", whose purpose was to let 5 gold worshippers and 5 "rich men" go on a blind date and have a love relationship that only "talks about money".

Why do tycoons use quotation marks? Because of these male guests who participated in the show under the name of "rich", not all of them are rich people.

Among them are real wealthy (KING) and counterfeit goods (JOKER), and the ratio is unknown.

Female guests need to identify the true and false identity of male guests through conversations and other methods during the blind date.

As long as you find KING, you will have the opportunity to try to socialize with the other party after the show ends, and get the chance to marry a rich family.

Every female guest is using her own vision to speculate on the life of the rich, but she does not know that they actually know nothing about the world of the rich.

The male guest No. 4 in the show claims to be the CEO of an IT company. He is 31 years old and has an annual income of 600 million yen (36 million yuan).

But during the blind date, when the female guests learned that the IT man's private server brand was ZARA, they all showed an expression of incredible confidence.

Later, in the outdoor interactive session of the BBQ, the IT man was also extremely unskilled in serving wine.

A series of clues made most of the female guests believe that the IT man is JOKER. After all, how can a rich man wear FMCG clothing and not drink red wine?

In the end, only one female guest confessed to him.

And this IT man who is not favored by everyone is the real rich man.

Everyone was stunned. They didn't expect at all that the one who looked least like a rich man turned out to be the richest true rich man.

There is also a male guest No. 2, who claims to be the owner of the gym. He is 36 years old and has an annual income of 45 million yen (2.7 million yuan). He also has real estate income. He looks very wealthy.

During the contact, the female guests discovered that he wears a famous watch, drives a luxury car, behaves elegantly, and speaks generously, which is simply the standard for the rich.

Sure enough, the gym owner became the most popular man in the audience, and the two girls couldn't help but confessed to him.

But it turns out that the male guest with the most rich face is actually JOKER.

At the end of the show, only one female guest was selected as the real rich man, and the other 4 female guests all looked away and missed the remaining rich man, a 31-year-old private tax accountant with an income of about 100 million yen.

And the reason why this tax accountant was missed by everyone was because of a detail that was complained about. When he sprayed perfume on the female guests, he actually sprayed it on the top of the head like hair spray, which provokes the host in the studio. They were all anxiously shouting to stop.


You think that all the rich drive luxury cars and wear famous watches, and are even proficient in the social etiquette of elite circles.

But in fact, the real rich people buy clothes for experience. As long as the material is comfortable, the brand is for others to see. There is no rule that the rich must love to drink red wine and know how to spray perfume.

Ordinary people pack themselves in order to make a good impression on others and thus get more opportunities, whether in the workplace or in relationships.

And those rich and famous for a long time can get a variety of opportunities without such packaging.

After all, no one would underestimate him because of what he wears and what he uses.

Luxury goods can only be called luxury goods for ordinary people, but they can only be regarded as daily necessities for the rich .

Just like Fan Shengmei in "Ode to Joy", when I saw Andy, the first thing I saw was her carrying a Hermès bag and wearing an Armani suit, but Andy answered: I don’t know this, and I don’t care too much. .

Since it's just a daily necessities, it doesn't matter what brand it uses.

Is it wrong to want to join the group to experience the life of Shanghai ladies? correct.

Even if you want to imitate celebrities, or even make friends with rich people in this way, there is nothing wrong. Personal choice is understandable.

But to imitate, please don’t imitate those superficial things, but learn the real core of the rich:


The richest IT man in "One Hundred Million Marriage" was asked by a female guest how he usually spends money. He said that he likes to use money to buy experience, such as traveling long experience and creating beautiful memories.

He believes that after earning money, the most important thing to buy is experience. It's not impossible to buy a car or luxury goods. It's just such a flashy thing that will feel empty after you buy it.

Another rich tax accountant who was passed by all the female guests replied this way: he would return his benefactor and buy gifts for his friends.

I have to say that the vision and pattern really determine the height of a person .

Rich people don't spend too much money on things that give people short-term pleasure, but buy things that are truly meaningful to them in the long-term.

Because they know that having fun in time is short-sighted . If the only motto of a family and a nation is "Let’s eat and drink, we will die tomorrow." Then what hope does this family and nation have?

Spending money on experience and buying gifts for friends are all long-term benefits for you. Investing in these things can get the best benefits.

② Cherish time

There used to be a joke like this: if Bill Gates dropped $100, the best choice for him is not to pick it up, because in these short seconds, he has already earned more money.

This joke is slightly exaggerated, but it also truly reflects how precious time is to the rich.

I saw an example on the Internet: From Beijing to Australia, the fare for a direct flight is more than 20,000, but the transfer only costs more than 6,000. The reason is that the direct flight saves time and cost, and the transfer requires 10 hours to wait halfway.

Even if the transfer is cheaper, rich people who cannot accept the long wait and cumbersome transfer procedures will still choose direct flights.

Because for them, every minute and every second is creating value. Although they spend more money on air tickets, the time saved can create more value .

All people in this world who don't cherish time have only one reason in the final analysis, that is, his time is not worth money !

At the end of the article, I quoted a sentence from the media author Wan Yang woman, and encouraged everyone:

You can envy other people’s lives, but please look more vicious, don’t just look at the surface a little bit, look a little bit more, to see the real abilities and concepts behind the money, and then break your own internal limitations. That is the right way to "love money".


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