How can I keep losing weight?

Don't you want to see if you are really ugly or just because you are fat, haha!

I will tell you 18 ways to encourage yourself to persist in losing weight. There are benefits at the end of the article, so be sure to see the bottom.

In fact, many people see others running every day, and I run too;

Seeing someone reading in the circle of friends, I also read;

Seeing someone participating in a weight loss camp, I also participated.

We are more anxious one by one, as if anyone who doesn't run will be left behind, and whoever doesn't study will lose.

Whether it’s a 21-day weight loss camp or a 30-day running group, if you don’t understand why you want to do it, lose weight for weight loss, or read for reading, then you must not be able to keep going.

To do a good job, first of all, find an inner goal higher than the thing itself.

Why lose weight?

Have you really thought about it after doing a hundred weight loss plans?

Second, there must be a reasonable plan.

The pressure to lose weight comes from restricting diet. Fasting will increase the desire and impulse for food, so extreme dietary restrictions will have a counterproductive effect on weight loss and eventually lead to rebound.

Don’t have too many ways to lose weight, such as low-carb water, eating less and more meals, not eating after lunch, sugar-cut therapy, etc., but others may not be suitable for you.

Whether following the teacher or exploring on your own, in this era of readily available information, you must understand yourself.

Don't make a plan that is out of reality and decide to lose 30 pounds a month. It is better to plan to lose 10 pounds in the first stage.

In addition, there must be strong execution.

Once you start, you must have the determination to never give up until you reach your goal.

Willpower can be exercised. Set a small goal first, push yourself out of your comfort zone, bit by bit, and change for yourself.

Reward yourself during the learning to lose weight, not follow the trend, find your inner direction, figure out why you do it, and work hard, then you can do it too.

01. Incentives for weight loss

Cheats 1, send a circle of friends, call the world!

Send a circle of friends and tell everyone your plan. When you are a lazy cancer criminal, just think about your pot of water. Classmates and colleagues are waiting to see your "joke."

Tip 2: Throw the backpack with fitness equipment in the company/classroom

When some people want to exercise, when they think of going home to get equipment, they comfort themselves, "Forget it~"

However, once I get home, I don’t want to go out, thinking, "It’s okay to be a day anyway~"

It would be better to leave your equipment in the company or classroom and set off immediately after get off work and get out of class.

Cheat 3, find a fitness partner or group exercise

Gym partners, friends, male and female friends, or participating in group exercises are fine.

To encourage and supervise each other. Secondly, there is a protector when you can do actions. This is actually the purpose of many people asking for private education.

Cheat 4, let the gym or group training friends familiar with you

When I went to the gym, I said hello to the coach. They haven't seen you for a while, and when they meet you, they will definitely ask "Why haven't they been working out recently?" Some even call to remind you.

This feeling of being supervised indirectly can also inspire you and give you a "feeling that you can't escape others' eyes."

Cheats 5, write down how much money you paid for fitness on a note paper and paste it on all the places where you feel "comfortable"

Think about it from another angle, think about how much money you spent on the card, how many classes, and lose one less time, forcing yourself to have a thought: if you don't go to fitness, the money will be useless.

Cheat #6, tell yourself that going to the gym is a reward for yourself, and participate more in class reunions

There is nothing more exciting than attending a class reunion! You are fat, you are old, you are thin, you are beautiful, you are rich, you don’t mix well, what grade is your child, what elementary school you are attending...

At this time, do you want to be thinner or fatter? Do you want to be more temperamental or more earthy? Thinking of the classmate gathering in 3 months, I want to believe that you will seize the time available every day to exercise.

Cheat 7: Put your "ideal figure" wherever you see it most often, or put a photo of your body shape when you are the most uncomfortable.

This has the same skill as the post-it stunt, but more fiercely, pictures are always easier to wake people up than words! Seeing the disfiguringly fat photos on my phone is like looking in a mirror "Mom, is this me, how can I tolerate myself becoming like this..."

Cheats 8, take out a small book to record your weight loss changes, and fight for love.

Record your waist circumference and weight every day, and also record it when you are not going to exercise. It is best to use EXCEL to make a histogram.

After not going to the gym for a few days, you will find that the height of the pillars is soaring! Since then, the time limit for confessing to the male god is far away. At this time, I must have the desire to die.

Cheat 9: Relive the piggy bank game as a child

After each workout, remember to throw a one-yuan coin into the piggy bank.

You can take out the coins at regular intervals and use the money for consumption, such as buying yourself some desserts, occasionally comforting your taste buds, or regularly asking your girlfriends for a cup of coffee. If you are too lazy, you won't even have the money to buy a drink for your girlfriend...see who is embarrassed.

Cheats 10, don’t expect yourself to enjoy every second of your fitness

"You don't need to like it, you just have to do it!" Even if there are countless rainy, cold, annoying nights, people really don't want to go to the gym to sweat, and many people seem to love and enjoy it anyway The process of being able to go to the gym also makes you self-doubt, but in fact you can hate it all occasionally! But right now you just need to think "Go do it!" and be proud of yourself when you are done. That's it!

Cheat 11, "Go first, that's right!" It doesn't matter if you leave in the middle of class

I just wandered around, just went to chat with my friends, just took a hot bath, you can definitely fool your own head with this kind of words, you can fool yourself into the gym first, and wait for you to change clothes , The moment you step on the treadmill, you won’t want to give up halfway!

Cheats 12, lose weight to save your life

A survey has shown that 10 of the 12 common types of cancer are related to obesity, and there are many examples in life.

For example, there are many fat people in the gym who are losing weight. On the surface, they are fatter. In fact, the real reason may be that they have fatty liver during the health checkup, which is unhealthy for the body and seriously affects their lives.

Cheats 13, put a full-length mirror at home,

You can take a photo from time to time to see the changes in your body in time. Motivate and encourage yourself to keep working hard.

When choosing clothes, we will try our best to choose thin clothes, so it is difficult to see our true figure in clothes. Once you feel that you are not so fat, your motivation to lose weight will be greatly reduced. So be sure to take off your clothes and stand in front of the mirror to examine your figure. Let the obese figure have a clear view in the mirror, so that you will no longer be confused by falsehoods, and forcing yourself to accept the reality of obesity will have the motivation to persist in losing weight.

Cheats 14. Write down your weight loss goals on paper and post them in a prominent place

Targeted weight loss is relatively better than non-targeted weight loss. But if you set a goal and forget it when you turn around, then the same is meaningless. So, once you have set your weight loss goal, write it down on paper and put it in a prominent place to remind yourself. Whenever I feel bored with weight loss, I might feel energized again when I see this piece of paper.

Cheats 15. Leverage the power of love

Why do some people in love can't eat? In fact, people in love will secrete happy substances in their brains to stimulate the center of the full stomach, so that the stomach will not feel hunger. In other words, the desire to become prettier in front of the person you like is at stake. So, people who are losing weight may wish to think more about their lover, the road to weight loss may become less difficult.

16. Be a role model for others

You can see in various weight-loss communities that those who have succeeded in losing weight are always admired and sought after. This also shows that becoming an idol and opinion leaders can better demand themselves. Think about if you lose weight, will your friends come to ask you the first time if they want to lose weight. It is inevitable to invite you to dinner, sing, and drink soda!

17. Go and see those who are successful

If you have not been able to become a role model for others, then you should go to see those inspirational experiences. The online experience is quite messy. You may not be able to see which ones are true and which ones are P pictures, so the most A good way is to watch the video.

There is a weight loss program abroad called "Super Weight Loss King", which invites a lot of fat people and uses money to encourage them. Under the supervision of fitness coaches and small partners, many people have finished losing weight. At the beginning, they came for money. Later, they will understand more about the meaning of healthy living for them. It is a very positive program.

Cheats 18. Check your own appearance correctly! It is also the most important point.

See if you are really ugly or just because you are fat, hahahahaha!


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